Leaping in Headfirst

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By: Lauren Jankowski I’ve always been a storyteller.  Nothing gives me greater joy than crafting a story.  Writing is not something I consciously chose to do, but rather it’s something I have to do.  Growing up, I was most comfortable and happy when I was lost in a book.  By the time I reached high […]

A Ghost that Haunts Me

Feet on the Beach

By: Lauren Jankowski Not that long ago, I was reviewing some work and got distracted by a common element that turns up in just about every story I’ve written: separated siblings. It struck me because although this was completely unintentional, it clearly reflects an important, but still unknown, part of my life. As I’ve previously […]

National Adoption Month: Mother

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By: Lauren Jankowski My brother often asks me why I chose to major in anthropology rather than creative writing. Surprisingly the answer has a lot to do with my work. I’m an adopted child. I’ve grown up knowing that and so I don’t see it as all that unusual. I’ve always been upfront about my […]

Siblings in All but Blood

Mike and I

By: Lauren Jankowski He’s the light-haired, dark-eyed Swede. I’m the dark-haired, bright-eyed Irish/Cherokee mutt. To look at us, nobody would guess that we were related in any way, much less siblings. We look nothing alike. When I was in elementary school, I frequently had people tell me that it must be so much easier for […]



By: Lauren Jankowski According to RAINN: Each year, there are about 213,000 victims of sexual assault. Recently, hundreds of people marched the streets of Chicago in protest of the victim-blaming that women are burdened with when it comes to the issue of rape and sexual violence. The protest was in response to a Toronto police […]

Stories for Adopted Children


By Lauren Jankowski I’ve always been logical to a fault, even as a child.  Perhaps this is why I never particularly enjoyed stories that were written specifically for adopted children.  To me, they just seemed too straightforward: “Look.  This character is also adopted.  See, s/he is just like you.”  Yeah, and…? Even the beautifully illustrated […]