Having Kids Has Forced Me To Work Harder To Keep The Spark Alive In My Marriage

Love at the Cape

By: Amber Leventry Despite my snarky and exacerbated comments, complaints, and posts about my children, I do love all three of them. But as much as I love my children and as much as you love yours, there needs to be space to vent about our kids. And there needs to be an allowance to […]

Lesbian Couple Denied Accommodations in Hawaii

lesbian couple denied accommodations in Hawaii

Lambda Legal and the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission Monday urged the Intermediate Court of Appeals of the State of Hawaii to reject a new argument that the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores allows a commercial business operating a bed and breakfast to refuse accommodation to a lesbian couple, and thereby violate […]

Infertility Video Series: What Are The Treatment Options For A Lesbian Couple?

  Note from the Editor- This is a continuation of the infertility series that our readers have requested. Dr. Tourgeman will be doing a video series in which he will answer your questions in detail before you even step into a clinic.  He will address single parents and couples, whether same sex or heterosexual.  Please […]

Off to the National Equality March!


By: Tanya Dodd Hise In the months that followed our wedding, we came home and settled into our favorite new roles:  WIVES x 2! While we were on our trip, we had been highlighted in a national blog because of our nuptials, and featured online along with photos from the wedding.  I had also created […]

Getting Back In The Game

Vials and syringes

By: Heather Somaini I was on a flight to France last Friday and even as you read this, I’m still not home.  As our plane headed out over the dark ocean and then turned back, revealing our City of Angels with city lights as far as you can see, I became dreamy and wistful of […]

Mental Highway

Rosy Barren I have lifted myself up from my crippling emotional state enough to brush the past off and move on to the next phase.  Our doctor has determined that there is a distinct possibility that I am not able to bear children unless with another’s eggs.  Remember that fortune I got?  So he has suggested […]