Kim Davis – This Time It’s Personal

Kim Davis

By: Shannon Ralph Until today, I have not written a single word about Kim Davis. In part, this is because others have addressed the issue of the fanatical Kentucky clerk with such eloquence and such cool composure that I am embarrassed by my own gut response. I have been completely incapable of discussing Ms. Davis […]

Parenting With OCD: My Daily Dose of Exposure Therapy

Kids Painting Collage

By Amber Leventry   I have this awful problem where I pick up my kids’ toys. Not only do I pick them up, but I put them where they belong. I make sure toys are settled within their individual sets containing 905 pieces, books are on shelves, and LEGOs are with other LEGOs and not […]

My Son Wants to Wear His Sister’s Clothes

Ben and Ryan digging

By: Amber Leventry “Don’t trip on your dress,” I said this to my son as he climbed the steps in preparation for nap time. Earlier in the day he had taken advantage of his big sister being at school and made himself comfortable in her space. He had also dug through her bins of clothing […]

The Great Gay Marriage Anticlimax

marriage equality announcement

By: Shannon Ralph Friday, June 26th, 2015 was an historic day. A day for jubilation. For contemplation. For commemoration. It was a day when Facebook exploded in rainbow colors and love flooded my Twitter feed. It was a day when my family was finally seen. My family was recognized. Legitimized. Sanctioned and admitted to the […]

A Lesson in Feminism and Basketball from My Eight-Year-Old Daughter

Women's Basketball

By Shannon Ralph As a born and bred Kentuckian, I am a self-avowed addict, and my drug of choice is basketball. More specifically, University of Kentucky men’s basketball. As such, this time of year—March Madness—is my Christmas. My Easter. My celebration of all that is good and right and holy in the world. My children […]

My Daughter Will Teach You About Sperm, Not Synthetics

lesbian mother and daughter

By: Amber Leventry I could easily make this a political piece. But I’m not going to. This is about teaching my daughter about the love and biology that made her. Synthetics—fuck you very much D&G—imply that my children were made from something fake. And family’s story, just like many others, is very real. The Hello […]

Maintaining My Identity While Being A Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom

By: Amber Leventry   I am sitting in the lobby of a ballet studio as my four year old daughter takes her weekly lesson. My partner and I alternate weeks when taking her so we each have a turn at 45 minutes of kid-free time. Forty-five minutes, every other week. When you become a parent, […]

Does Not Play Well With Others: Seeking My Playgroup Soul Mate

playgroup for toddlers

By: Amber Leventry I don’t like children’s playgroups. Not totally true: I like the fact that they are free and get me out of the house, preventing me from going batshit crazy while home with my 20 month old twin boys. I also like the part that allows my boys to do art projects with […]

My Daughter Was Asked Why She Has Two Moms. Her Answer Was A Simple Shrug.

Family Photo at Adams Farm Stand, October, 2014

By: Amber Leventry I am a fixer and a problem solver, sometimes to a fault. I want to provide logical explanations. I want to understand. And I want to have all of the answers, not to be right but to make sense of the world around me and ease the worries or confusion of the […]