Twin Toddlers Respond To Their Mama’s Christmas List

twin trouble

By: Amber Leventry We read Mama’s Christmas list. A lot of her wish list seemed to involve relief from us, her, if not perfect, very charming twin boys. We weren’t born yesterday, Santa. Mama’s suggestions were not suggestions. We’ve had 18 months to learn her suggestions are usually passive aggressive ways of making us think […]

Parenting: It’s Like Riding A Bike

kids learning to ride a bike

By Brandy Black Our six-year-old daughter learned to ride a bike over the last couple weeks.  This falls under one of the more significant parenting moments for my wife and me.  We tried to explain to our daughter, it is only once in your life that you learn how to ride a bike.  It is […]

Spotlight Campaign: Mugs and Mary

Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.-006

By Brandy Black    The Next Family: Tell me about your family. Mugs:  My family consists of my wife Mary, our 19-month-old son, Emerson, an orange tabby cat named Cheetoh, our  dog, Blaze, and myself, Mugs. We live in Seattle, WA with loving, doting grandparents close by. Seattle is a very liberal and progressive city. We chose to […]

Lesbian Mom: Wait What? Did You Say You Want to be a Marine?


By Carol Rood Poor Bluebell.  She cried.  She cried as her 17-year-old son The Hunter walked out the front door with a Marine Corps recruiter to go take a “practice” ASVAB test. Let me back up a bit, that is actually the middle of the story. Yesterday the phone rang.  The person on the other […]

Boys and Guns and Kids and Lesbians

Playing Soldier

By Shannon Ralph It can’t be easy being the son of hard-core lefty-leaning liberal lesbians. At least, this is the message that came through loud and clear from my soon-to-be ten-year-old son, Lucas, this weekend. He didn’t say it in so many words. But I got the distinct feeling that he was thinking it. This […]

I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Own Mortality

Dodd-Hise family - San Antonio, August 2012

By Tanya Dodd-Hise I think that I need therapy. No really.  I have been obsessing a little bit about things that I have absolutely no control over.  And what have I been obsessing over, you might ask? My mortality. As everyone knows, I am a new mom again.  Our baby girl is 11 months old. […]

Daddy Issues


By: Kellen Kaiser I don’t date older men. And if I’m being honest, it is at least partially because I was raised by lesbians. Lord forbid I have “Daddy Issues.” This term, often applied to strippers and ladies involved in May/December romances, shadows me. I have myself internalized the judgments shot towards dinner tables where […]