Spotlight Campaign: Mugs and Mary

Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.-006

By Brandy Black    The Next Family: Tell me about your family. Mugs:  My family consists of my wife Mary, our 19-month-old son, Emerson, an orange tabby cat named Cheetoh, our  dog, Blaze, and myself, Mugs. We live in Seattle, WA with loving, doting grandparents close by. Seattle is a very liberal and progressive city. We chose to […]


Lesbian Mom: Wait What? Did You Say You Want to be a Marine?


By Carol Rood Poor Bluebell.  She cried.  She cried as her 17-year-old son The Hunter walked out the front door with a Marine Corps recruiter to go take a “practice” ASVAB test. Let me back up a bit, that is actually the middle of the story. Yesterday the phone rang.  The person on the other […]


Boys and Guns and Kids and Lesbians

Playing Soldier

By Shannon Ralph It can’t be easy being the son of hard-core lefty-leaning liberal lesbians. At least, this is the message that came through loud and clear from my soon-to-be ten-year-old son, Lucas, this weekend. He didn’t say it in so many words. But I got the distinct feeling that he was thinking it. This […]


I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Own Mortality

Dodd-Hise family - San Antonio, August 2012

By Tanya Dodd-Hise I think that I need therapy. No really.  I have been obsessing a little bit about things that I have absolutely no control over.  And what have I been obsessing over, you might ask? My mortality. As everyone knows, I am a new mom again.  Our baby girl is 11 months old. […]


Daddy Issues


By: Kellen Kaiser I don’t date older men. And if I’m being honest, it is at least partially because I was raised by lesbians. Lord forbid I have “Daddy Issues.” This term, often applied to strippers and ladies involved in May/December romances, shadows me. I have myself internalized the judgments shot towards dinner tables where […]


I’m Special


By: Kellen Kaiser     You know that Radiohead song? The one that goes, “I want you to notice when I am not around. You’re so f-cking special. I wish I was special.” Like Mr. Thom Yorke and most artists, I also fluctuate between an inflated sense of self-importance and abject insecurity. Like most people I […]