Same Gender Wedding Invitations


I don’t get it! Yes, we are two women and yes, we are getting married next year, legally even. So, just like most engaged couples planning their special event, we have a vision . . . a color pallet, an overall idea of what we want our wedding/reception to “feel” and look like. So why […]


The Waiting…and More Waiting


By Tanya Dodd-Hise It’s midday on Monday.  It has been one week since I went to my doctor and she confirmed the mass in my breast.  It has been one week since I contacted the program who will ultimately (I hope) fund my diagnostic mammogram and sonogram, since I haven’t got insurance.  It has been […]


Coming Out: Late to the Party


By Kelly Over the years, several people have mentioned that I should write a book.  Usually it’s about my journey as a gestational surrogate (times 3) but now it seems to be about my coming out process.  I joke and say that if I were to write a book about finding out that I’m a […]