NCLR Launches Campaign To Reform State Parenting Laws

LGBT parents

By The Seattle Lesbian  Tuesday the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) launched its #Equality4Families campaign to raise awareness about the need to reform state laws so that they fully protect LGBT parents’ rights to care for their children. The campaign launch comes on the heels of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court freedom to marry victory, […]

The Art of Coming Out on YouTube

Coming Out on YouTube

By Alex Temblador Coming out. We all know what that phrase means. We don’t wonder if someone is “coming out of the bathroom” or if a debutante is “coming out to society” at a ball. “Coming out” is indicative of revealing one’s gay or bisexual sexual orientation to family, friends, the world, and most importantly, […]

Sisters Born of the Same Sperm: I Used a Disney Movie to Define Donor Siblings

Donor siblings

By: Amber Leventry “Hey, Eva,” I said to my daughter a few nights ago. “Want to spend Thanksgiving with Molly, Ethan, and the kids?” My partner, Amy, and I had just made a plan to visit the couple who used the same anonymous sperm donor as we did to build their family of five. “Yeah, […]

New Lesbian Magazine Hits The Stands in Germany

new lesbian magazine in Germany

By The Seattle Lesbian  Straight is the name of the newest lesbian magazine that has hit the stands of Germany. The lifestyle magazine aims to be straightforward and frank. “That’s exactly what we are,” Editor-in-Chief Felicia Mutterer said. “Straight’ embodies self-confidence and obviously wants to provoke.” The magazine hopes to avoid the regular lesbian clichés. “It’s difficult to […]

Lesbian Salsa Classes For Beginners & Intermediates


Want to take a salsa class with your lovely lady? Look no further than the Oxwood Inn where salsa instructor, Arlene Santos will be hosting a lesbian salsa class for beginners and intermediates. Arlene Santos has 10 years of teaching  experience and her own dance company. The beginner class begins at 7:30 pm (but arrive […]

Lesbian Moms: Dating In The Military And How They Fell In Love

Mel and Mandi

By Mel and Mandi/ Blog We are spouses, mothers, daughters, sisters & friends. We are the neighbors mowing the lawn on a beautiful spring day, the women hushing our crying baby in the store, the couple holding hands while walking through the park. We have two beautiful kids, a cat & drive a minivan. We […]

Spotlight Series: Neya and Heather


TNF: Tell me about your family.  NEYA: My name is Neya and my partner is Heather. We have been together for a year now (even though it seems longer). We are raising two kids together.  Our son (Elisha;12) is biologically mine and our daughter (Tyler; 6) is adopted. The kids call me “Mommy” and call […]

Christian Bystanders Are Complicit In Hate Crimes

hate crimes

By Lisa J. Keating Yesterday, less than 10 miles from our home, a lesbian was viciously attacked. Why? Because “God hates fags” as the perpetrator told this woman. I’m going to paint a descriptive picture out of necessity. She was stabbed repeatedly, stripped naked, had a leash wrapped around her neck and dragged because she […]

Ellen DeGeneres: I’m Not a Lesbian Script Machine


Though the new NBC comedy produced by Ellen DeGeneres, One Big Happy, has the goal of bringing humor to television, it’s also breaking ground whether that was DeGeneres’ intention or not. “It just happens to be a very funny show. It happens to have a lesbian character in it,” DeGeneres said. “It’s not like I formed a […]

Lesbian Emojis Fill the Gender Gap, Excitement Ensues

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 8.40.42 AM

Have you ever scrolled through your emojis searching for the perfect way to tell your girlfriend you think you should move in together? Well now, thanks to a new app, Lesbian Emojis, you can just sent the U-Haul emoji and avoid talking about it. Advertising executive and graphic designer Kimberly Linn and co-creator Katie Streeter began […]