Lesbian Employee Sues Walmart For Healthcare Damages


After the world’s largest public corporation, Walmart, denied employee Jacqueline Cote’s wife Diana Smithson spousal health care, the Gay and Lesbian Defenders (GLAD) filed a charge of discrimination against the company. According to GLAD, who filed the complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, refusing to cover Smithson – who […]


The Waiting…and More Waiting


By Tanya Dodd-Hise It’s midday on Monday.  It has been one week since I went to my doctor and she confirmed the mass in my breast.  It has been one week since I contacted the program who will ultimately (I hope) fund my diagnostic mammogram and sonogram, since I haven’t got insurance.  It has been […]


Coming Out: Late to the Party


By Kelly Over the years, several people have mentioned that I should write a book.  Usually it’s about my journey as a gestational surrogate (times 3) but now it seems to be about my coming out process.  I joke and say that if I were to write a book about finding out that I’m a […]