A Break Down of the LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

Anti LGBT Discrimination Bill

By Alex Temblador If you haven’t heard, yesterday Democrats introduced an anti-discrimination bill that “would create federal standards to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, workplaces, schools, public accommodations, and financial transactions.” With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage, it appears that the LGBT rights movement is on a wave of momentum that may […]


5,000 Naked Kenyans May Protest Obama’s Views on Homosexuality

Obama in Kenya

By Alex Temblador   Obama will be arriving in Kenya, his ancestral home, today as part of a two-nation tour in Africa, with a trip to Ethiopia to follow. However, his arrival may be met with 5,000 naked Kenyans, a protest against Obama’s support of the LGBT community. The Republican Liberty Party is very anti-LGBT […]


Italy’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled a Human Rights Violation


By Alex Temblador Italy is currently the only major country in Western Europe without legal recognition of same-sex couples, however, that might not be the case for long. The European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of Oliari and Others vs. Italy that Italy’s ban on same-sex marriage was a human rights violation. […]


Outfest Launched With Documentary on Lesbian Comedian, Tig Notaro


By Alex Temblador Yesterday, Outfest 2015, a Los Angeles LGBT film festival, began with a successful screening of the documentary Tig. For thirty years, Outfest has showcased thousands of films on the stories of the LGBT community in hopes of promoting LGBT equality. The festival began yesterday and will feature films for the next ten […]


5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the Film on the Marriage Equality Case


By Alex Temblador Yes, it is true! 20th Century Fox is going to make a film about the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage! Fox recently acquired the life rights of Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the case, his lawyer’s life rights, Al Gerhardstein, and the movie rights to the future book that […]


Outfest LA 2015


Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival July 9 – 19, 2015 Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival is eleven days of not to be missed world-class films, panels, and parties. Full program will be announced on June 3 and Box Office opens to the public on June 15. The festival galas include: Opening Night Gala: Tig (Directed by […]


Caitlyn Jenner’s New Blog Series, “The Journey Begins”

Caitlyn Jenner with trans friends

By Alex Temblador Starting today, Caitlyn Jenner has released the first of many articles in a series called “The Real Me.” In this series, Jenner will explore the LGBT community and the issues that many transgender persons face in hopes of raising awareness. This first blog, although short, speaks about Jenner’s limited experience with the […]


Why The PRIDE Health Study App Is Great for the LGBTQ Community


By Alex Temblador Dr. Mitchell Lunn and Dr. Juno Obedin-Maliver of the University of California-San Francisco have just released a new iPhone app called PRIDE. This new downloadable app will ask users to share their health history and health concerns in an effort to launch the largest long-term health study of the LGBTQ community. The […]


Kimmel & Zea Prove That Kids Are All Right With Same-Sex Marriage


One of the most commonly-used arguments against same-sex marriage were children. Anti-gay and anti-marriage equality supporters have said that children deserve “one mother and one father” and that gay marriage will only confuse the children of the world. However, now that marriage equality has come to pass, we’ve seen in the following days, that kids […]