My Head is Spinning. Literally.


By Madge Woods The holidays are upon us and my head has been spinning since October. The culmination of the imagined spinning has morphed into real spinning (benign positional vertigo). It all started in August when I decided to end a 12-year relationship and, without this person in my life, I went off to Provincetown.  […]

Interview with Madge Woods


We continue our interview series with Madge Woods, Marketing Director for The Next Family and a huge support to the site and our community of writers. TNF: How has it been blogging for TNF? I love my work with TNF. I met Brandy a couple of years ago when we were doing a live storytelling […]

An American Tourist Goes to China


By: Madge I just returned from China on a 33-person tour with a high-end company, and I have some advice for travelers looking to visit the country. First, you must decide whether you want to travel with a group (small or large), or individually (with maybe just one partner).  Secondly, you must pay close attention […]

When Grammie is in Charge


By: Madge Woods My son and daughter-in-law went on a getaway to a wedding across the country. Since I live on their same block they asked if I could stay with my three adorable grandchildren –twin boys age 5 ½ and a three year-old girl. It is a no rules, 4-day extravaganza here in their […]