Homophobia’s Cruel Mothers Day


By Rob Watson It was the Friday before Mother’s Day. I had published a blog piece on thenature of Mother’s Day and the celebration of all who feel mother love running through their souls. I was finishing up a high-tech piece at my desk at work when my work associate, Kathleen, approached. She politely interrupted me […]


My Mothers Day Card to Gay Dads and Other LGBT Parents

mothers day

By Rob Watson Recently, author Jennifer Finney Boylan commented about her transgender experience, “After all these years, my own identity has wound up less altered than I had expected. It should not have been a surprise, perhaps, but the most shocking revelation after 10 years in the female sex is that mostly I am the […]


There’s No Crying in Baseball (Unless Mommy is Coaching)


By: Tosha Woronov I had been a new mom for about six months when my first Mother’s Day came around. It was the happiest of days. Peter booked me a massage at Burke Williams, which was, back then, just up the block. (We moved, Burke Williams didn’t.) I remember the walk home, after hours of […]


A Day of My Own


By: Tanya Ward Goodman At the outset, Mother’s Day was a challenge for my children.  It wasn’t that they didn’t get into the spirit.  They dutifully (and joyfully) drew beautiful cards and created a heart-shaped brooch of cardboard covered with buttons.  They showered me with kisses and held my hand even when we weren’t crossing […]