No More Mother’s Day Celebrations for Me…


By Carol Rood A few weeks ago one of my classmates was giving a presentation about Valentine’s day and how it actually started, and offered a unique perspective on Valentine’s Day.  She suggested we should all start ignoring it.  She felt as though Valentine’s day is gendered in such a way that it is really […]

Parent’s Day Versus Mother’s and Father’s Day

Parent's Day

By Alexandra Temblador There are few holidays that can cause us to reflect on how diverse family structures are in America than Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. With these holidays just around the corner, it’s good to consider what these holidays symbolize in the lives of many children across the United States. For some, Mother’s […]

Homophobia’s Cruel Mothers Day


By Rob Watson It was the Friday before Mother’s Day. I had published a blog piece on thenature of Mother’s Day and the celebration of all who feel mother love running through their souls. I was finishing up a high-tech piece at my desk at work when my work associate, Kathleen, approached. She politely interrupted me […]

My Mothers Day Card to Gay Dads and Other LGBT Parents

mothers day

By Rob Watson Recently, author Jennifer Finney Boylan commented about her transgender experience, “After all these years, my own identity has wound up less altered than I had expected. It should not have been a surprise, perhaps, but the most shocking revelation after 10 years in the female sex is that mostly I am the […]