The Green Challenge

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By: Brandy Black

Are you up for an eco challenge?  A way to reduce your footprint?  An experiment?  In 2009 a documentary called “No Impact Man” was released, this film was about a “guilty New York liberal, Colin Beavan [who] decided to practice what he preached for one year.” This meant he would turn off the electricity, stop making garbage, give up TV, compost and give up public transportation “all the while taking his baby daughter and caffeine loving retail-obsessed, television-addicted wife along with him.”

I saw this in the theatre and it was not only an inspiring journey but filled with many funny tender moments with this family. No Impact Man is available on DVD if you want to check it out. However this is not about the movie but a one week experiment that Colin presents to us.

Are you up for it?  Check it out…

For more information or to sign up for the experiment go to No Impact Man


No Impact Man

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Colin at Market


A guilty New York liberal decides to practice what he preaches for one year
Turns of the electricity
Stops making garbage
Gives up TV, taxi’s & take out

Becomes a walking, bicycling, composting, tree hugging, polar bear saving, local food eating citizen
All while taking his baby daughter & caffeine loving retail-obsessed television-addicted wife along with him

Check it out in a theatre near you