Puss Puss


By: Danny Thomas Because she gets short shrift around here… Has to eat dinner off the floor And after everyone else… This post is dedicated to Puss Puss. Our cat. She is a Dragon. She is a Philosopher. She’s an Elegant Buffoon. She’s our eldest daughter, really. She is horribly neglected, at least she thinks […]




By: Danny Thomas When I was a junior in college I took a philosophy class that was called The Philosophy of Ecology… We read, among other things, John Dewey’s Experience and Nature. This really has very little to do with my story other than context, consider it exposition… The instructor was Dr. Chester Z. Keller. […]



Breakable 1

By: Danny Thomas In the nearly five years that we have been parents Jen and I have experienced a number of recalls for products that we use or have used regularly, daily, frequently, with or without our children. Car seats, high chairs, slings, strollers, toy after toy after toy… Some recalls more serious than others, […]



By: Craig Zagurski “I’m happy….I’m in a good headspace…..I’m available…..” My then-rationale for an embarkment. Thought it would be “interesting” to try out having a new “intimate relationship” for my first time in over 11 years, and, as a single parent. Joined a dating site or five and spilled my poetic guts into each copied-and-pasted […]


Speaking In Tongues


By: Ann Brown I’ve been thinking about rejection. Nothing specific has happened to make me think about it. I just felt it was time to rotate the shit I obsess over, and “rejection” came up next on the wheel. I’ve spent a lot of time recently obsessing about my imminent death, and on what the […]