21 Completely Non-Marketable Skills I Have Perfected Through Parenthood

Skills I've perfected as a parent

By: Shannon Ralph   The incredible ability to separate even the tiniest of fused Lego pieces using only my teeth. A healthy mistrust of silence in all its forms. Perfect recitation of the phrases “uh-huh,” “go on,” and “I see” (essential skills for any parent hoping to effectively fake interest in a child’s passionate discussion of video […]

We Are Done Having Kids: Saying Goodbye to Sperm


By: Amber Leventry My partner, Amy, and I love our kids, but we are done creating them. No more. Our family is complete. At my yearly physical, the medical student who did my intake noticed a three year trend of increased weight gain, alcohol consumption, and decreased exercise. I asked her to note in my […]

Why Perez Hilton’s Shower Photo with Son Shouldn’t Be Controversial

Perez hilton in shower with son

By Alex Temblador Gay celebrity star and blogger, Perez Hilton might not be everyone’s favorite. He’s been known to out celebrities, isn’t always ‘tactful’ in his words or blog, “ignores” his celebrity friends’ racist or homophobic statements, and has been sued numerous times for leaking inappropriate photos of celebrities or for copyright violations. And now […]

We Love Todd Parr: An Interview with the Philanthropist, Artist, and Children’s Book Author

It's Okay to be Different

By: Amber Leventry I am a lover of words and books. Before I had kids, I would wander the children’s section of bookstores to imagine what books I would someday read to the children I wanted to have. I would inevitably buy a book for a friend’s kid or for a family member. I was […]

Trans Model Could Be 1st UK Woman to Be Biological & Adoptive Parent of Child


By Alex Temblador British trans woman Fay Purdham recently launched a Go Fund Me page to can raise enough money to hire a surrogate to carry her child. Before her transition began at age 16, Fay froze her sperm in hopes of one day having a biological child. If she can raise the money and hire […]

My Beautifully Energetic Boy

Goofy Ben

By: Amber Leventry When my partner, Amy, was pregnant with our twin boys, Baby A was nestled in low and positioned to make his exit first. He wiggled and fluttered in the space below his brother, and sometimes I could feel him move if I poked Amy’s belly in just the right spot. He seemed […]

Three Children’s Books About Boys Who Wear Dresses

10,000 Dresses (2)

By: Amber Leventry There seems to be a shift happening in peoples’ attitudes about gender and gender expression. The shift feels positive and attitudes appear to be accepting. Boy/girl labels were removed from Target’s shelves of children’s toys, a television show on a major network showcased a popular transgender teenager, and more books about children […]

Watch Out Taylor Swift, My Four Year Old Daughter Has Been On Instagram Again


By: Amber Leventry A little while ago I wrote a post admitting that, while seemingly random and ridiculous, I love the simplicity of my daughter’s definition of what makes her happy, at least through the lens of a child’s camera. I also admitted I have a lot of time at home with my twin toddlers, […]

Parenting a Transgender Child: 8 Steps To Avoid Burn Out

Stella 1

By Lisa Keating Something jolted my awareness two weeks before my 44th birthday. I am generally not affected by aging (that much). Other than denying my eyes are weakening and I have more grey hair than I’ll ever  allow to be revealed publicly. I honestly enjoy the stages of aging and the wisdom that comes […]

Raising an Anxious Child

anxious kid

By: Shannon Ralph My name is Shannon Ralph and I am an anxious person. I come from a long, dignified line of worriers, depressives, drunkards, over-eaters, and generally nervous people. As a small child, I was painfully, painfully shy. I remember second grade vividly. I had just moved to a new school and had difficulty […]