Next Families are the New Normal

the new normal

By Alex Temblador Despite the gains being made in the past year with the marriage equality decision that has allowed for more same-sex couples to adopt and become foster parents, there is still a struggle that exists for many same-sex couples with kids: being considered “normal.” The Next Family was created in mind to redefine […]

My Daughter Wants To Know When I Am Going To Die

Eva and Me, Fourth Birthday

By: Amber Leventry I make deliberate efforts to shield my three children from the ugly elements of life. They will learn too soon that people treat other people poorly. They will eventually be witnesses to the fact that life isn’t always fair; money, food, clothing, and possessions are not divided and spread equally between friends, […]

A Gay Dad Looks At Himself And Wonders If This Is What Depression Looks Like.


By Henry Amador So in February of this year I took a nasty spill on the tiny remaining bits of ice that lingered on our front steps. That day is still so vivid in my mind, the fall, the pain that shot through my arm and the look on my little boy’s face as he […]

Parenting In a World Full of Gender & Racial Stereotypes

Allies Basketball Dream

By Alex Temblador   In June 2015, two third graders, Dexter and Sybilla, wrote an amazing letter to Disney outlining their disappointment with the company’s use of gender and racial stereotypes found in Disney’s theme parks. What makes this even more amazing: the kids recognized the gender and racial stereotypes on their own! Granted, they […]

The 12 Commandments for Parenting a 12-Year-Old Boy

12 year old boy

By: Shannon Ralph I adore my son. I love him with all my heart. I do, however, find myself sometimes marveling at the unparalleled anomaly that is a 12-year-old boy. Not yet a teen. No longer a little kid. My son is taller than me. Hairier. His feet are huge. His socks smell. He’s opinionated. […]

Mom Starts #BreatheFire Parenting Movement with Anna Duggar Facebook Post

breathe fire meme

By Alex Temblador Jessica Kirkland is not a name you might recognize. She’s a mother of two daughters from Georgia, but more importantly in a Facebook post she wrote about Anna Duggar, she inadvertently started a parenting movement in regards to raising daughters with the rally cry, #BreatheFire. For those who may not know, Josh […]

Why I Hug My Tween (Even When He Complains)


By: Shannon Ralph I vividly remember my last day as a cool person. I had been living for years—mistakenly—under the assumption that I was a “cool mom.” It’s been five months since that façade crumbled, but it seems like only yesterday. It was a beautiful spring morning when my wife informed me, rather sheepishly, that […]

My Twins’ Offers To Help Are Not Helpful

Ben and Ryan Unhappy in Stroller

By: Amber Leventry I walk a messy line between allowing my boys to help me with daily tasks and overriding their demands and little toddler screams of, “I do help!” My willingness to embrace their eagerness so they can achieve independence and life-long skills of knowing how to take care of themselves veers in and […]

Single Mother By Choice: You Make Plans and God Laughs!


By: Monique I had a plan for my life. I left high school with a scholarship to work on being the first generation college educated in my family. All that weight on my shoulders to succeed. I knew I would meet my husband in college and get married after graduation and have a few kids. […]