Tiger Mom vs. Mama Bear

Tiger Mother

By: Meika Rouda I just finished the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. It is unlike any parenting book I have ever read. Chua is the daughter of Chinese immigrants and has three sisters; she and two of her sisters have multiple Harvard and Yale degrees and her youngest sister, who […]

From Bowser to Bam-Bam: Adventures of an Addled Potty Trainer


By: Sheana Ochoa Potty training my toddler —whom my husband and I often refer to as Bam Bam —is no different from training my late dog, Chloe. They hem and haw, have accidents, and require loads of paper towels and consistency. I realized the similarities last weekend when my brother, who is rather fastidious, invited […]

My Daughter Went Postal Twice in Two Days…We Are Not Done Potty Training

mad child

By: Brandy Black Every time I say it’s over, it’s not.  “Don’t get too cocky.” They all said it; why didn’t I listen? So we’re going on a trip out of the country soon and we need to get a passport for our daughter.  I dug the birth certificate out and gave it to Susan […]

The Final Update On Potty Training

Brandy Black

By: Brandy Black We have been potty training for a little over a month now and I hesitate to say this because you never know when things can change, but I think we’re through the rough parts. After the two-week mark, things got surprisingly easier. Sophia really started to get it and we just got […]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back–Potty Training Continues…

Brandy Black and daughter

By: Brandy Black The potty training took a turn for the worse these last couple days.  My daughter seems to understand that she needs to go, she will say it and two seconds later, pee all over the ground while screaming, “Clean me up, I have to pee, I’m wet, mama help please!” It’s frustrating […]