My Breasts


By: Rosy Barren “My breasts are no longer yours; they are hers now.” Yep, I actually said this to my wife the other night.  I can’t even imagine her wandering lips making their way to these goddess boobs of mine that I now believe were only made for our daughter.  I should feel terrible but I don’t.  My […]

The Stick

glass half full

By: Rosy Barren We won the raffle from the adoption fair- we got a steak dinner at Morton’s, haven’t had it yet.  We also went to a friend’s house for dinner and after, watched her favorite movie “Knocked Up”, she doesn’t know we’re in the process of trying to get pregnant.  I laughed at the […]



By: Rosy Barren I’m lying low, not exercising too much, staying under the radar, not telling many people. Went to a play the other night, we know the playwright and guess what the theme was? War….faith….and….yep…infertility! Guess what happened? Yep, they got pregnant. Huh, trying not to read too much into that one either. I’m […]