A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the School Mob That Cancelled a Play About a Gay Penguin Family

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There was a significant hearing this week on Tuesday about same sex relationships and whether to ban them. You likely missed this one because you were focused on that OTHER hearing in front of the Supreme Court, the one on whether all states in the union should perform and recognize same sex marriages.   No, […]


Same-Sex Couples in Alabama React To Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Marriage Equality

Alabama same-sex parents

By: Alice Ollstein BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — For a few short weeks, the marriage of Ellen Dossett and Ann Wade was recognized by the state of Alabama. Then, suddenly, they weren’t so sure. A ruling Tuesday night by the state Supreme Court halting same-sex marriages has plunged the couple — who have been together nearly 30 […]


My Christmas Card to the Family with Two Dads Who Gave Up All Their Christmas Presents to a Group of LGBT Homeless Youth

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By Rob Watson   Years ago when my partner and I were deciding whether or not to have kids, we made two lists. The first was a “cons” list. On that list were all the pragmatic reasons why it would be difficult. I was in my forties—too old? There were college savings, education concerns. We […]


A Survival Guide for Christians Who Have Been Fighting Against Marriage Equality

Survival Guide for Christians

Many of us have been in the Marriage Equality war for a long, long time. I remember a drag queen host taking the microphone at San Jose Pride about a dozen years ago. She saw a group with “Freedom to Marry” t-shirts, and with a twinge of sadness remarked, “Oh honeys, they are NEVER going […]


Eric Holder Asked To Recognize Marriage in Arkansas, Indiana and Wisconsin


Friday, Freedom to Marry and the Human Rights Campaign, on behalf of the Respect for Marriage Coalition, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking that the Department of Justice act to ensure federal respect for the marriages of same-sex couples in Arkansas, Indiana, and Wisconsin, consistent with the approach taken by the federal government […]


Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia Stayed, SCOTUS Rules

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The U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday granted a stay of the Fourth Circuit’s July 28 ruling in McQuigg v. Bostic, which held that Virginia’s denial of the freedom to marry to same-sex couples is unconstitutional. The Fourth Circuit had declined to stay, or freeze, its decision, but Wednesday’s procedural action by the Supreme Court means that same-sex […]


Perry, Pride, and a Last-Minute Marriage Decision


By Stephen and Adam Podowitz-Thomas ‘The name marriage signifies the unique recognition that society gives to loyal and enduring relationships. Marriage is the sincere desire to join two lives together as one in hopes that the love that brought them together will grow, branch out, and touch the lives of those around them. For the […]


Last Name Dilemma

Hearts_Adam Stephen Podowitz-Thomas_Open Adoption

By Stephen & Adam Podowitz-Thomas By the time Adam and I were planning our wedding, a number of our close friends had already married. Beyond getting advice on how to pick the right caterer or florist, we also looked to them for their thoughts on name changing post-marriage. Our friends made choices that ran the […]


Jodie Foster Marries Alexandra Hedison in Private Ceremony


Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster is a married woman! Who’s the lucky gal? None other than The L Word star (and famed photographer) Alexandra Hedison! Remember Dylan Moreland? Foster and Hedison were married over the weekend in a private ceremony. E! Online first reported the story Wednesday. The two had been dating for one year […]


Same-Sex Marriage Movement Comes to Georgia


Tuesday Lambda Legal filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on behalf of a widow and three same-sex couples challenging Georgia’s discriminatory marriage ban.  The case was filed on behalf of Christopher Inniss and Shelton Stroman of Snellville, Rayshawn Chandler and Avery Chandler of Jonesboro, Michael Bishop […]