A Vacation Fit For Parents


By: Susan Howard Tucked away and surrounded by rolling hills sits La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego). As a private trainer, I am often concerned that my clients will lose headway when they go on vacation. High fat foods, an abundance of cocktails, and nowhere to workout except the one […]

Ups, Downs, and Curve Balls…


By: Amy Wise As with everything, there ups and there are downs. Life will always throw us curve balls, but now I finally realize it’s up to us whether we decide to hit the ball and run or miss the ball and strike out. These days I’m goin’ with hitting and running…big time! Even though […]

African American Section


By: Amy Wise So I have a question: Did you know that in general books written by black authors are shelved in the African American section? Did any of you out there realize that? Unless of course you are Toni Morrison or friends with Oprah, black authors are pretty much housed in their own “special” […]

Quote From the Hubby…..”Relationships Have No Color”


By: Amy Wise I asked my husband the following question today:  “What does being in an interracial relationship mean to you?”  His answer was what I hope will be everyone’s answer one day.  He said, “I’m not in an interracial relationship, black relationship, white relationship, black and white relationship; I’m just in a relationship.”  He […]

I’m So Proud Of Them…

me and tat

By: Amy Wise The sewer saga continues. A few weeks ago I shared the ongoing three-year nightmare that my family is going through with the destruction of our business and “life.” If you didn’t see the story you can read it here: Sorry Did You Say Sewer Water? Fortunately, you get to read the story […]

“I’m Sorry, Did You Say Sewer Water!?”


By: Amy Wise Nice story title huh? Amazing enough it’s my life right now. You can’t make this stuff up, nor would you want to. This is the twisted tale of what actually brought me to writing and made my marriage and family as strong as they are today. Three years ago I owned a […]

“An Interracial Family” or Just “A Family?”


By: Amy Wise There are so many types of families, and my family just so happens to fall into the “category” of “Interracial Family.”  It’s funny to me that we label each other like we do…interracial family, gay family, single Dad family, divorced family…you get the idea.  Aren’t we all just families?  I’m white, my […]