One Pregnant Mom’s Struggle: Yes The Baby Is Still In There

A pregnant mom's struggle

By Sarah Toce It’s curious what a little time can do. Six months ago the world learned of our fertility struggle and now, as I’m writing this, I’m 25 weeks along and so much has changed. In fact, I barely recognize my own life, which is masterful in itself since I spent so much time […]

Lauren Jackson Shares Her Support for Marriage Equality


By: Sarah Toce ig The Seattle Lesbian was invited into the locker room following the Seattle Storm’s win against the Minnesota Lynx at the Pride Game last night (65-55).  While Sue Bird was fielding questions from reporters with large boom mics in her face and Le’coe Willingham was busy icing her knee, the announcement about […]

Exclusive Interview: Kardashian Favorite The Beach Girl5

Color BG5

By: Sarah Toce . The Beach Girl5 (BG5) – Brooke Adams, Dominique Domingo, Noreen Juliano, Mandy Jiroux, and Laura New – are splashing around light-heartedly in the world’s oyster of entertainment. With a strong managerial hand at the steering wheel (Kardashian mastermind Kris Jenner serves as one of their managers), these ladies are in the […]

Exclusive Interview: Thea Gill on Queer As Folk, Slip Away and Finding Her Voice Again


By: Sarah Toce When Thea Gill called me from her oasis in the mountains, the connection was a little shaky, but she was certainly not. The Canadian-born actress best known for her role on the American Showtime series Queer As Folk was down-to-earth, gracious, full of energy (regardless of the fact that she was fighting a […]

Exclusive Interview: A Marine Story’s Dreya Weber on Aerials, Pink, Britney, and The Dinah


By: Sarah Toce The Seattle Lesbian caught up with A Marine Story‘s Dreya Weber when she was in town for last year’s Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Weber is preparing her aerial arrival into Palm Springs, CA for The Dinah 2011 so we thought we’d share this interview with you one more time. Enjoy! […]

Exclusive: Natalie Garcia’s Quest to Dominate The Dinah’s OML Battle of the Lesbian Web Series

Sarah Toce

By: Sarah Toce The Real L Wordonline cast member, Natalie Garcia, percolated our hearts by sharing her experiences of love and life via weekly webisodes of her show More to L with Natalie on and One More Lesbian. Who could forget her fabulous review of The Dinah 2010? Read our exclusive interview here. . Brought to you by The Seattle […]

Interview: Dr. Susan Love and Her Breast Book 20 Years Later


By: Sarah Toce . Dr. Susan Love has never been cautious to share with the public her thoughts and opinions regarding socialized medicine, controversial mammography practices in the U.S., breast cancer research fallacies, and the history lesbians have carried on their backs since the early days of AIDS. Her “breast cancer bible” book, Dr. Susan Love’s […]

Exclusive Interview: Folk Singer Zoë Sundra

Exclusive Interview with Zoe Sundra

By: Sarah Toce Ani Difranco/Amy Ray-inspired New York City baby Zoë Sundra has her eye set on the prize. She knows the pay-off of patience in preparation for her big break in the music industry. Her advice from the legendary Rufus Wainwright? Put yourself out there and keep strumming that guitar! Chances are…she’ll listen. The […]

An Intimate Interview with the Incomparable Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin interview 2011

By: Sarah Toce She’s been the recipient of numerous Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and other distinguished awards in the entertainment industry in which she has played an important part for over 45 years on various stages. Actress and comedienne Lily Tomin has worked alongside some of the very best talents in the history of television, film and all other […]

Interview: Chely Wright Speaks Candidly

out lesbian country singer

By: Sarah Toce Country music singer/songwriter and out-lesbian Chely Wright chatted exclusively with The Seattle Lesbian’s Sarah Toce to discuss the timely topics of bullying, suicide, Congress, God, and the ever-interesting Gay Pride celebration. The interview will make you laugh and, at times, possibly cry. Wright holds nothing back in this interview and TSL loves […]