Spotlight Campaign: Mugs and Mary

Kristen Honeycutt Photo Co.-006

By Brandy Black    The Next Family: Tell me about your family. Mugs:  My family consists of my wife Mary, our 19-month-old son, Emerson, an orange tabby cat named Cheetoh, our  dog, Blaze, and myself, Mugs. We live in Seattle, WA with loving, doting grandparents close by. Seattle is a very liberal and progressive city. We chose to […]


The Ecstasy of Blue Underpants


By: Katherine Ellis My sister missed my niece’s potty training window; at least, that’s what she suspected. They were too busy; they waited past the pinnacle of Lulu’s potty excitement. She was on the downhill slide, totally over the potty, when my sister decided it was time. By then three year-old Lulu didn’t care, she […]


Wedding Bells, Part 2


By: Brandy Black We got in a fight before our wedding. On the ferry ride over. I can’t remember why. Could it have been the make up? Things were tense. We had been planning a wedding for a year from another state and it was all happening on this overcast day after waiting 2 years […]


One Special Mom

The Next Family

By: Caren Gillespie When The Next Family approached me to write an article about a special mother, my first thought was, “how do I choose just one?”  I know some pretty phenomenal moms, but here is one who really stands out. Krista is a full-time working mother of three children: Mercer, (almost) 7, Haley, 4, […]


Tour Truants

By: Jillian Lauren We had a few days off before the Seattle show, so we decided to try to get away from it all and rent a house out on Bainbridge Island. Here is what I learned: 1. Bainbridge Island is quaint and lovely and has a charming indie bookstore. 2. It is wonderful to […]


Slip Away To Seattle

By: Brandy Black We drove down the hill in search of our hotel, Inn At The Market for our weekend getaway in Seattle.  Our bags were light and the car toddler-free. We pulled up to the valet and were literally a stone’s throw away from the famous men in orange rubber suits tossing fish and […]