Single Mom: Another day, Another year.


By Melissa Mensavage Today is the last day of 2013 and I feel like its just any other day.   I have been sad the last couple of days because though its just another day, it has pretty big significance. We are getting older.  My boys are getting older.  After this year I will no longer […]


Walk the Line


By Melissa Mensavage For the last few months I’ve felt stretched very thin.  No solid focus on any one thing.  No completion of a task fully. I hate unfinished projects or tasks.  I mean literally, I’ll wash half of the dishes.  Or get one of three loads of laundry done. Is this motherhood in general? […]


What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

boys backyard

By: Melissa Mensavage Is this career burn-out, just plain ol’fashioned boredom or a midlife crisis? I sit here at my desk in an office cubicle that has beige walls.  I hear the pounding of keyboards all around me.  People are huddled by the coffee machine, moreso now that the company has decided to offer free […]


Fertilized Egg for Adoption

egg for adoption

By Meika Rouda I have a good friend who is single and in her early forties and wants to be a mom….now. She is divorced, just moved to the Bay Area leaving her comfortable apartment and lucrative career in New York. For two years she has tried to conceive both the natural way with different […]


The Challenges of Dating as a Single Parent

my last boyfriend, three months prior to my first pregnancy.

I think I’ve talked about this before.  Its always on my mind. Dating. I don’t even know where to start with it.  Even sitting down to write this I have many long pauses between sentences and thoughts. I should probably start with I never was a big dater, even in high school.  I remember clearly […]