Talk to an Infertility Expert: Video

Dr. Tourgeman

Note from the Editor- Many of our readers are starting families of their own and have asked for more information about infertility and IVF.  Having gone through this myself I understand how scary the process is -not knowing what’s ahead of you, the procedures, the drugs, the expenses, the pain you might endure both physically […]

Sperm Donor X -A Documentary About a Single Woman in Pursuit Of Having A Child

By: Brandy Black Sperm Donor X trailer from Deirdre Fishel on Vimeo. Sperm Donor X is a documentary that explores the underbelly of 4 different women choosing to be single moms, each taking different paths to pursue their dream of having children. It delves into the processes of picking a sperm donor, artificial insemination, adoption, […]