Single Mother By Choice: You Make Plans and God Laughs!


By: Monique I had a plan for my life. I left high school with a scholarship to work on being the first generation college educated in my family. All that weight on my shoulders to succeed. I knew I would meet my husband in college and get married after graduation and have a few kids. […]

Motherhood: What Does It Mean, Really?

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I’ve been asking myself this question quite a bit lately: what does it mean to be a mother?  What does it mean to be a single mother, and by choice? And I really haven’t come up with a decent satisfactory answer yet. I mean I could state the obvious of motherhood – feeding, bathing, educating […]

Busy Single Mother: Black Leather and Oxygen


By Barbara Matousek     I spent much of this past weekend in the black leather rocker that was my nearly constant companion before I had kids. I used to spend hours in that chair, rocking and reading, losing myself for days in a Toni Morrison novel or the latest issue of Best American Short […]

Is This Single Mother of Two Having a Midlife Crisis?


By: Barbara Matousek I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I wasn’t actually thinking. Mostly now I think “midlife crisis.” Why else would a 45-year-old single mother of two children under five commit to something as time consuming and crazy as a Ragnar relay? For anyone who doesn’t know what these are, they are running […]