This is Not a Male Bash: Male Role Models, Female Parenting and Social Inequality


By: Julie Gamberg I have a confession to make. (And believe me, no one is more tired of Mommy Confessions than I am. Mommy Confessions tend to give the illusion of opening the door to honest communication about the real challenges of parenting, but instead they wind up being a false apologia for bad parental […]

Do It–Have Kids!

we can do it

By: Julie Gamberg Since writing the last blog/column for The Next Family, my baby had her first birthday and is now officially a toddler. Getting through the first year is a huge relief – as a friend recently said: the first year is all about survival – yours and theirs. It’s no small feat, so […]

Gloves Off


By: Julie Gamberg You know those people who are super serious about every little thing? Who can’t seem to crack a smile? Who think they know everything about everything and act like the fate of the world is at stake in everything they do? I’m turning into one of those people! I found myself at […]