The Challenges This Single Stay-At-Home Dad Faces

Stay at home dad

By Hamid Newberry Is it wrong to say that being a stay-at-home parent is for the mother. There, I said it. I would also like to state that it is incredibly difficult being a stay-at-home dad, even in the more open-minded times that we live in. I don’t live in a hipster city any longer; […]

Walk the Line


By Melissa Mensavage For the last few months I’ve felt stretched very thin.  No solid focus on any one thing.  No completion of a task fully. I hate unfinished projects or tasks.  I mean literally, I’ll wash half of the dishes.  Or get one of three loads of laundry done. Is this motherhood in general? […]

Adoption: Just When You Think You’ve Heard it All


By: Wendy Rhein So I went on a date last week. Just a drink. This was my dip-a-toe-in-the-frigid-and-murky-pond-of-dating-in-your-40s. Hold your applause and keep the Bride’s magazine in hiding. He seemed like a nice enough man, also in his 40s, divorced, employed, no (obvious) criminal record and when speaking and writing, he communicated in complete sentences […]

Single Mother: The Door is Always Open, Part 2

dear dad

By Wendy Rhein   I guess he’s been mulling it over for a couple of months. Or maybe it is the start of a new school year with new classmates getting to know one another through family pictures created with the Crayola 24 pack. Or the fact that today was a school open house with […]

Single Mother: Changing Seasons in a Family


By Wendy Rhein The crisp days of fall are my favorite ones of the year. More than any other season I channel my youth in the fall months. Friday night high school football games, sitting on surprisingly cold metal bleachers behind the marching band. Raking leaves. The feeling of breaking the rules by being out […]

Parenting Young Children: A New Four-Letter Word

swear jar

By Wendy Rhein     In my household there are very few “bad” words. The normal ones that some folks and the FCC would include don’t even make my list. Most of those are collectively known as “Mom’s driving words” and are relegated to the car. I however take my list from the ones my […]