The Opening Door


By: Wendy Rhein This passed weekend we celebrated Nate’s birthday with three of his buddies. In typical Nate fashion he wanted an event unlike any other. That dream was translated into an afternoon picnic and romp at an old battlefield fort, now a national landmark. Each of the four seven-year-old boys had his own compass, […]

No Visible Means of Support


By: Holly Vanderhaar I was recently approached about submitting an essay on single motherhood to a magazine. I sent the editor a précis of my motherhood to date: began trying to conceive when I was 36, unexpectedly conceived identical twins, babies contracted twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in utero. Had experimental surgery. Babies survived. Had tons of […]

2012 Reflections and Intentions


By Wendy Rhein I don’t do resolutions. I don’t like the idea of setting myself up to fail by creating some bubbly-induced grandiose goals that are based on pure fantasy and some 11:58pm longing to be someone I’m not. I do, however, believe in reflection and intention. As any psychologist or self-help reader can tell […]

I’m Not Ready


By: Wendy Rhein In the aftermath of yet another ER visit (see my previous post for my love-hate relationship with my local emergency room) and in the throes of overwhelming year-end work responsibilities, I have not gotten much sleep this week.  I have been able to doze off while holding my injured younger son only […]

Reality is as Scary as it Gets


By: Wendy Rhein It is that time – the ghosts, goblins, and Super Mario Brothers costumes are out in full force. The weeks of anticipation and planning, re-dressing and ad-dressing promising that the costume is a perfect combo of realism and comedy have culminated in a cold and windy Halloween in the Northeast. My sons’ […]