Parenting: Being Mean to Kids


By: Julie Gamberg I spent years teaching in very tough inner-city schools, and I prided myself on my great teaching, especially my strong classroom management skills. I could take a group of kids who perhaps hadn’t had breakfast, or even dinner the night before, who had somewhat or very unstable home lives, who may have […]

A Second Childhood


By: Sheana Ochoa Being a new mom, anyone would guess my life has undergone a tremendous transformation, which in my case was compounded by the fact that I became ill post partum. Consequently my son and I were exiled (as I saw it) to the central valley so my family could help me with the […]

Love Not Lost


By: Craig Zagurski August is LOVE month here at TNF, and while there are many wonderful flavors of LOVE, my mind is wired to go straight to ROMANTIC LOVE. Not a bad place to go, however, when 10 continuous years of RL come to a fiery stop. RL now tends to conjure up feelings of […]

Clueless With Clueless Gravy on Top

mom and child

By: Julie Gamberg No sooner did I write about the sometimes cluelessness of partnered families toward single parent families, then I got an email from a fellow single mom by choice that seemed just as clueless, with clueless gravy on top. Clueless in the let’s-give-each-other-some-mutual-support way (or, more accurately, let’s not). And a little bit […]

Chloe and Me


By: Sheana Ochoa When I discovered I was pregnant one of my major concerns was how I was going to integrate my dog of twelve years into what I knew would be an all-consuming, twenty-four-seven, new life. Throughout the years, Chloe had trudged with me through my battles with depression, addiction, chronic illness; she’d been […]

As Good As It Gets

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By: Sheana Ochoa There have been numerous studies showing that human beings are not naturally monogamous animals.  We don’t need anthropologists and sociologists to tell us this.  And it isn’t just the astronomical divorce rate in the States that indicates people are not necessarily meant to mate for life.  The only thing we know to […]

Single Parents- Blog from Fox News Health Blogs


By:Jennifer Cerbasi Being a single parent presents the same challenges all parents face but you have two less hands to help. When you are raising a family by yourself you are the one getting lunches ready, giving baths, and driving to and from football practice. You can’t use the good cop/bad cop routine. You don’t […]