My Beautifully Energetic Boy

Goofy Ben

By: Amber Leventry When my partner, Amy, was pregnant with our twin boys, Baby A was nestled in low and positioned to make his exit first. He wiggled and fluttered in the space below his brother, and sometimes I could feel him move if I poked Amy’s belly in just the right spot. He seemed […]

Dad Says Yah! To Son’s Freedom of Expression


By Alex Temblador A dad’s Facebook video has been shared over 188,000 times and you’ll never guess why. Mikki Willis recently took his son to the store to exchange a birthday present he received (he got two of the same thing). When allowing his son to choose a toy that he didn’t have, his son […]

My Son Wants to Wear His Sister’s Clothes

Ben and Ryan digging

By: Amber Leventry “Don’t trip on your dress,” I said this to my son as he climbed the steps in preparation for nap time. Earlier in the day he had taken advantage of his big sister being at school and made himself comfortable in her space. He had also dug through her bins of clothing […]

A Boy, A Stick & A Walk in the Woods: Setting Boundaries & Letting Them Go


By Brent Almond Instead of trying to corral him within the confines of the play area, I decided to follow my son’s lead — and even encouraged him — in exploring beyond its borders. We were once again searching for the bad guy. It doesn’t matter to my memory who it was… but it was […]

Conversations With My Son: When Will I Get New Parents?


    By Brent Almond It had been just under a week since we returned from a cross-country trip to visit our son’s birth parents. It had been just two days since our four-and-a-half year old started in his new preschool class. Papa was out of town, so Jon and I were chatting over dinner […]