What I Learned As a Gestational Surrogate

Gestational Surrogate

By Carey Flamer Powell In October of this year, I gave birth to someone else’s child. He was not biologically related to me in any way, but he grew inside of me for 9 months. His mothers are two wonderful women I am now proud to call part of my chosen family. Over the course […]


Identification and Definition


By Lisa Regula Meyer In my Biological Diversity class, I spend a decent amount of time helping my students to understand two major concepts surrounding niches.  An organism’s niche is essentially the role that it plays in its environment and the sum of all its traits.  To be specific, its niche is divided into two […]


Accepting People for Who They Are: The World Is My Oyster


By Lisa Regula Meyer Over the weekend, our family was enjoying some down time and relaxing by watching old episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.  Nothing surprising or extraordinary about that, as we’re huge science fiction/fantasy geeks.  The episode on was “Cogenitor,” a story of first contact with an alien species that has three sexes instead […]


Fertilized Egg for Adoption

egg for adoption

By Meika Rouda I have a good friend who is single and in her early forties and wants to be a mom….now. She is divorced, just moved to the Bay Area leaving her comfortable apartment and lucrative career in New York. For two years she has tried to conceive both the natural way with different […]


Expectant Gay Dad: Five Things I Still Need to Do

38 weeks

By John Jericiau Thirty-eight weeks pregnant. It seems unreal just reading the words. We tried to get our friend/surrogate pregnant a year after she helped bring our second son into the world, but the embryos we had left over didn’t take. That was four years ago! Then about a year ago we started from scratch: […]


Gay Dads Say “Don’t Judge Us”


By John Jericiau My partner Alen and I are in the unique situation of having had one child through adoption and one child through surrogacy.  Now we’re 34 weeks pregnant with another son through surrogacy.  There are pros and cons to both options.  Adoption is usually less expensive, but surrogacy provides a possible genetic relationship.  […]


Gay Dad Listens As Doctor Doles Out Some Advice

33 weeks pineapple

For the first time this entire pregnancy, Alen – Papa of Baby Boy #3 – was able to attend a doctor’s appointment, albeit in his doctor’s scrubs. It’s a crucial time, so I was happy about it. Happily we have not had any spotting or bleeding lately, but just one day before the appointment, our […]