#BringCarmenHome: Gay Dads and Their Surrogacy Battle in Thailand

Gay dads

By Alex Temblador A gay couple, Gordon Lake, an American, and his Spanish husband, Manuel, found a surrogate in Thailand. Using Gordon’s sperm and an egg donor, a Thai woman carried the baby for the couple and finally gave birth to their baby daughter, Carmen, in January. She handed the daughter over to the two […]

Gay Dad: Our Surrogate, Our Friend

Image: Private 1st class Rona Operio, the first female marine drill instructor from the first batch of female enlisted marines, command her troops at Fort Bonifacio military headquarters in Taguig city

By John Jericiau It’s a very unique situation, to say the least. Here I am, a stay-at-home Daddy who is almost seven years deep into the whole parenthood thing. We’ve got three beautiful and thriving sons, two who are 6 years old (but are 8 months apart to the day), and one who is a […]

The Thin Blue Line


By: John Jericiau Waiting 10 days for most anything is difficult, but waiting for the chance to try a pregnancy test is excruciating. I started marking the calendar at day 2 post embryo transfer as I heard myself thinking things like “It’s out of our hands now” and “If it’s meant to be…” and “My […]

After the Births: Visits from Surrogates

Kelly's Visits from Surrogate children

By: Kelly Rummelhart My journey as a Surrogate does not end at the birth. I have been lucky to match with four marvelous men who agree that staying connected after their children are born is their desire, too. Like I had posted before, I am not vague in my expectations with communication before, during, and […]