Leading Up to the First Day of School


By:  Susan Howard A blog by Brandy’s wife Heather Has Two Mommies is a black and white book put out in the 80’s, one of the first, (if not the first) books of it’s kind to help children understand that all families are different.  A girl is starting her preschool and she gets upset as […]


Heath and Fitness: Habits


By Susan Howard, Personal Trainer   Habits are often thought of in a negative way.  Something to be kicked…smoking, nail biting, boozing, getting that sugar fix…the list goes on and on. We poor mortals are victims of our habits.  Unconnected to our repetitive behaviors, we simply must continue acting them out.  How did it all […]


Mother of Twins: Crouched Down By the Closet


By Susan Howard Crouched down by the bedroom closet I am hiding from my one-year-old twins.   I hear them crawling and screaming; they are inside the house, coming closer and closer.  My dog betrays my trust by bounding beside me loudly and noisily wagging his tail, basically giving me away.  Both children have ear infections […]


Pitch Your Old Stuff


By: Susan Howard A client of mine lost about ten pounds last year and is holding strong to her new fighting weight.  “I am done,” she exclaimed.  “I am tired of gaining and losing the same ten pounds.  This time is the last.”  There was something very definitive about how she pronounced the end of […]


Men Are From Mars, My Son Found His Penis

baby feet

By Susan Howard     It was a common, brisk afternoon when inspiration struck.  The day started innocently; morning bottles, burps, tug-o-war with his sister, normal baby fare.  During an unsuspecting diaper change, he did it.  He reached DOWN, the first of a lifetime of reaches.  Curious, he lay examining himself, eyes blank, but thinking.  […]


Healthy Eating: Don’t Be a Twinkie


By Susan Howard, Fitness Expert After over 90 years’ of yellow “cake” and “cream” filling the Twinkie has left the building.  I repeat: the Twinkie has left the building.  A few years ago Wonderbread became extinct and now Hostess is taking the fall.  No one seems to be bemoaning the disappearance of Ding Dongs, Zingers, […]