Hungry For Books

hunger games

By: Tanya Ward Goodman I have just started to read “The Hunger Games.” I’m curious to see what the hullabaloo is about. My nine-year-old son wants to read the book, but after a lot of thought, I’ve decided against it. I think he’s too young. I thought a lot about my decision. I did some […]


A Child And The Weight Of The World


By: Tanya Ward Goodman “He said something that really, really hurt my feelings,” my daughter said. “Tell me,” I offered. “I can’t repeat it,” she said through tears. “Okay,” I said. “I don’t need to know.” But she kept dropping hints and asking me to guess. “It wasn’t a bad word,” she said. “It was […]


Kentucky Whirlwind, Part 3

stone wall

By: Tanya Ward Goodman     “Midway is halfway between Lexington and Frankfort, that’s why it’s called Midway.  You know, mid-way.”  The hotel clerk gives me directions for the scenic route.  “You’ll see some things – keep a look out for the rock fences.” It’s my last day in Kentucky and I am driving to […]


Dear Mayra


By: Tanya Ward Goodman When you came to interview, you were wearing a perfume that almost kept me from hiring you. I have a thing about scents. For me, an awful lot of things wind up in the “smells bad” column -even things that might hit the “smells good” column for someone else. You smelled […]


Oscar Night


By: Tanya Ward Goodman This year’s award for most enduring bad mood goes to my daughter. She seems determined to sweep the categories for deepest scowl without the employment of a makeup crew, loudest door slam without the assistance of a Foley artist, and most dramatic performance of the phrase, “You are the worst mother […]


Two Doors

a door opens

By: Tanya Ward Goodman Last week was a mess. Rainstorms, early school release four days in a row, lost homework, lost jackets, quick tempers, angry words, no patience, no food in the fridge, workers in the house, strange wiring problems, sleeping problems, plumbing problems. The dog barked incessantly and so did the kids. My husband […]