First Haircut


By: Jillian Lauren As a Leo mom who is still technically a licensed cosmetologist in the state of California, I love Tariku’s hair long. But my fantasies of him looking like the newest member of the Jackson 5 have been at war with my dread of the daily battle to detangle. So we decided that […]

Trains, Planes And Grocery Shopping

j 1

By: Jillian Lauren Tariku, Jen (babysitter extraordinaire) and I boarded a plane to NY just as the second half of the World Cup was starting. People were gathered six deep around the TV screens at the airport bars. I enjoy the energy of events that draw people together in odd places, but I’m a terrifically […]

Be The First On Your Block

Picture 33

By: Jillian Lauren Can’t wait until the April 27th release date of Some Girls? I’ll be signing copies at The LA Times Festival of Books this weekend. I’ll be with Tony DuShane at the Book Soup booth on Saturday at 5pm (booth 330 in zone C). Come by and see me. Tariku will be there tossing […]

Don't Wear High Heels On A Soggy Lawn

By: Jillian Lauren When the inimitable Dolly Parton gave the above-mentioned advice, she was no doubt on tour in San Francisco. I don’t have any pictures from the Mountain View show because I was busy stumbling after the baby while wearing- you guessed it- high heels on a soggy lawn. Or more like a slippery […]

Tour Truants

By: Jillian Lauren We had a few days off before the Seattle show, so we decided to try to get away from it all and rent a house out on Bainbridge Island. Here is what I learned: 1. Bainbridge Island is quaint and lovely and has a charming indie bookstore. 2. It is wonderful to […]

Tour Day ???: Kansas City… Babies, Buses and Boobies

By: Jillian Lauren It’s reached that time of the tour when I no longer know the date, the day of the week, or how many days we’ve been on the road. The tour has become its own little universe and all I know is how many hours are left on the bus before we reach […]

Cleveland Rocks

By: Jillian Lauren Chronicles of the Weezer Tour 2009 We had a couple of unplanned days off in Cleveland and spent one of them at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Grandma and Grandpa, who drove in from Toledo. It was more interesting than I expected. I wanted to take every fabulous costume […]

Tour Day 11: Saratoga Springs

By: Jillian Lauren Chronicles of 2009 Weezer Tour Woke bleary and disoriented on a bus parked in Saratoga Spa State Park. T is teething again and, in spite of my efforts to keep him on rock time, he woke at 7. We took a family walk around the golf course and then had our first […]

The Family That Rocks Together…

By: Jillian Lauren The Chronicles of Weezer 2009 Tour Cont. I love this picture because in Scott’s glasses you can see the reflection on the sky as seen through the bus window. My boys love to sit together and look at the sky. 35,000 fans showed up for yesterday’s show in Columbia, MD. The free […]