Say No to Sarah Palin and Say No to Spanking

Every once in a while, even the best kid feels the need to be naughty.

By: Ted Peterson I have avoided the subject of discipline, because it is a particularly treacherous subject even within the landmine-strewn subject of childrearing. A few days ago, however, a friend posted on Facebook a video of Bristol Palin, the loathsome daughter of the even more objectionable former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. One might’ve hoped […]

Older But Geyser

Mikey asks, "When I am older, will I braver?"

By: Ted Peterson Getting older is a major point of discussion around our house. For a few months now, Mikey’s been asking everyone -family members, waiters, homeless people, other children, perfect strangers, “What’s your name?” Now, less delightfully, he’s been asking, “How old are you?” He can only count up to 20, so any numbers […]

Getting To “No”

"I can do it myself!"

By: Ted Peterson It’s universally acknowledged that the favorite word among all children from 18 months to four is “No.” The term for this among people who like five-syllable words is negativism, and it’s a normal, healthy part of development, as the docile infant discovers that he or she has some amount of independence. Degree […]

The Best Blog Ever

He Likes Coconut

By: Ted Peterson It’s been understood in our house for some time that the way to motivate Mikey is to appeal to his sense of competitiveness. He’s not a morning person, and will remain under the sheets, eyes closed, resistant to gentle nudges and more forceful shakes, until you say, “Hey, I bet I can […]