An Unlikely Pair and the Ruby Ring….


By: Amy Wise 15 years ago Jamie and I made a decision that would change our lives forever. We moved from the city of San Diego to the burbs of San Diego. It was time for us to go from home renters to homeowners. We did our research, looked for nice neighborhoods with good schools […]

Honorary Black Person


By: Amy Wise It’s official…I’ve been with Jamie so long I’m now an “honorary black person”! I’m not making this stuff up. We were in a meeting the other day with a room full of people and the meeting was not going well. One of the people said, in a joking manner, “It’s cause we’re […]

Change…It Didn’t Used To Be My Friend…Now We’re “Homies!”


By: Amy Wise If you’ve been reading the blogs here at The Next Family for some time now, you know that each month has a theme. Last month it was “love,” and this month it’s all about “change.” I have to say, change has never been my favorite thing. Maybe because I had to move […]