Three Little Words For Your Toddler That Are Better Than “No”


By Halina Newberry Grant I don’t practice any “type” of parenting. My daughter slept with us in our bed for a while: some people call that “co-sleeping,” I just called it getting sleep. I wore my baby in a carrier. Some people call that “attachment parenting,” I just called it convenient and loving. I embrace […]

Toddler Totes at Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens


Through a variety of fun, age appropriate, educational hands-on activities, stories, live animal encounters, and adventures on Zoo grounds, Toddler Totes takes you and your child on an investigative exploration of the Zoo’s animal collection examining animal body parts and adaptations, such as noses on koalas or tails on tigers. Each class is approximately 45 […]

Supreme Decision Making


By Meika Rouda While last month’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act received much due attention and celebrating, there was another Supreme Court decision that also deserves a toast. The Supreme Court had an adoption case pending regarding the rules of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Veronica Capobianco nee Brown […]

Clueless Caucasian Parents Doing Their Son’s Afro

To squirm or not to squirm ...

By: Ted Peterson   I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on most aspects of parenting Mikey. The care and feeding of our three-and-a-half-year old hasn’t exactly gotten boring, but the “Oh my God, what the hell are we doing?” moments seem rarer and shallower than once they did. The exception to this is […]

Love Bites


By Meika Rouda I had something shocking happen yesterday. Asha and I were in music class, happily singing “Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don’t Care”  in a circle with the other moms and toddlers. Asha usually meanders during class, dancing around in the center of the circle, walking over to sit on other moms’ laps, […]

The Best Blog Ever

He Likes Coconut

By: Ted Peterson It’s been understood in our house for some time that the way to motivate Mikey is to appeal to his sense of competitiveness. He’s not a morning person, and will remain under the sheets, eyes closed, resistant to gentle nudges and more forceful shakes, until you say, “Hey, I bet I can […]

Q&A: My Toddler Won’t Share!

Little girl not sharing

Question: My 18-month-old-son “shares” by handing me something and then snatching it back. What kind of kid am I raising? Are there proven ways to teach a child to share? Answer by Julie Gamberg and Holly Kretschmar (Parents & Educators) The behavior you describe –let’s call it “playing backsies” –is absolutely normal, developmentally appropriate behavior for […]