My Beautifully Energetic Boy

Goofy Ben

By: Amber Leventry When my partner, Amy, was pregnant with our twin boys, Baby A was nestled in low and positioned to make his exit first. He wiggled and fluttered in the space below his brother, and sometimes I could feel him move if I poked Amy’s belly in just the right spot. He seemed […]

My Twins’ Offers To Help Are Not Helpful

Ben and Ryan Unhappy in Stroller

By: Amber Leventry I walk a messy line between allowing my boys to help me with daily tasks and overriding their demands and little toddler screams of, “I do help!” My willingness to embrace their eagerness so they can achieve independence and life-long skills of knowing how to take care of themselves veers in and […]

Parenting With OCD: My Daily Dose of Exposure Therapy

Kids Painting Collage

By Amber Leventry   I have this awful problem where I pick up my kids’ toys. Not only do I pick them up, but I put them where they belong. I make sure toys are settled within their individual sets containing 905 pieces, books are on shelves, and LEGOs are with other LEGOs and not […]

Documenting a Year With Twins And A Toddler

twins painting

By: Amber Leventry At least once a week, my partner and I look at each other with a look that refers to many conversations where we have said, “I don’t want to wish their youth away, but I want the boys to be a little older.” I feel guilty for feeling it and guilty for […]

I Hope My Children Feel Loved Even on My Toughest Parenting Days

Me reading with the kids on Easter morning

By: Amber Leventry Even during my worst parenting moments, I will not call myself a bad parent. It not only diminishes all of the good parenting I do, but it’s just not true. I am not a bad parent, but I am far from a perfect parent. Some days, on the really, really hard days […]

Does Not Play Well With Others: Seeking My Playgroup Soul Mate

playgroup for toddlers

By: Amber Leventry I don’t like children’s playgroups. Not totally true: I like the fact that they are free and get me out of the house, preventing me from going batshit crazy while home with my 20 month old twin boys. I also like the part that allows my boys to do art projects with […]

7 Things Your Kids Need Every Single Day

What kids need

By: Shannon Ralph I readily admit to being a parent who does not have all the answers. Or most of the answers. Okay, some days I cannot even manage to scrape together a single, rudimentary answer. I am winging it just like you. At times, I find it really hard not to focus on all […]

The Right Stuff: Happy Babies and Happy Daddies in Dallas

Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs from Texas

By Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs On our first date at a Moroccan restaurant in trendy uptown Dallas, we talked about having kids.  On our FIRST date. Usually conversations about starting a family will scare off a guy, but it’s a dream for two gay men. Well, more like a distant dream, particularly here in red-state Texas, where same […]

Twin Toddlers Respond To Their Mama’s Christmas List

twin trouble

By: Amber Leventry We read Mama’s Christmas list. A lot of her wish list seemed to involve relief from us, her, if not perfect, very charming twin boys. We weren’t born yesterday, Santa. Mama’s suggestions were not suggestions. We’ve had 18 months to learn her suggestions are usually passive aggressive ways of making us think […]

The Miserable State Of Toddler Purgatory

Box Head Ben

By: Amber Leventry If you were to listen to my partner, Amy, and I talk to each other while we are in earshot of only each other or overhear one of us mutter profanities and inappropriate comments about our children, you would conclude we are miserable. Or that we hate parenthood. This conclusion is not […]