Alabama Same-Sex Couple’s Marriage Recognized, But Joint Adoption Still Denied


Cari Searcy and Kimberly McKeand are returning to court in Alabama. After successfully petitioning the Court to require the state to recognize their 2008 same-sex marriage from California, they were then denied a joint adoption based on the same ban on same-sex marriage. The obstacle is a familiar face in Alabama’s legal chaos, Mobile County […]


Having Kids Has Forced Me To Work Harder To Keep The Spark Alive In My Marriage

Love at the Cape

By: Amber Leventry Despite my snarky and exacerbated comments, complaints, and posts about my children, I do love all three of them. But as much as I love my children and as much as you love yours, there needs to be space to vent about our kids. And there needs to be an allowance to […]


Video: A Heartbreaking Mom Mistake

Brandy Black and family

By Brandy Black I realize that parenting mistakes are all relative but I made a big mistake last week and in my mind it was unforgivable.  I always worry about being the parent that might forget about a school potluck or arrive late to pick my kids up from school or that I might do […]


Spotlight Series: Natalie and Crystal

Lesbian couple from Missouri

Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States.   TNF: Tell me about your family.  NATALIE: We are a HUGE family of 14.  We have been together almost 8 years, and were finally legally married on May 22, 2014 in Des Moines, IA.  Our twelve children are David John (D.J.) […]


One House, Four Adults, Six Donor Siblings. We’ll Always Have Florida


By: Amber Leventry When I wrote Sperm Banks, Sibling Registries, and Donor Siblings: The Insemination of Family, I introduced you to a very important piece of my journey. As the non-biological mother to my three children, I shared my apprehension of choosing a sperm donor and my hesitation to use the sperm bank’s sibling registry […]


Spotlight Series: Ashlie and Tina


Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States. TNF: Tell me about your family.  Are you married?  Do you have kids?  How many? How old? ASHLIE: Yes I am married, my wife Tina and I were first married on May 19th, 2007. We just recently remarried this June 7th. We have […]


Spotlight Series: Ebonee and Mia


Spotlight Series sponsored by Quinny, a European stroller brand available in the United States. TNF: Tell me about your family. Ebonee:  We’ve been married since 2009. We have a 6month old son Kingston Dash. Mia carried and we conceived through IUI. TNF: How did you meet your wife? Ebonee: At one of the Biggest Gay/Lesbian hot […]


My Daughter Was Asked Why She Has Two Moms. Her Answer Was A Simple Shrug.

Family Photo at Adams Farm Stand, October, 2014

By: Amber Leventry I am a fixer and a problem solver, sometimes to a fault. I want to provide logical explanations. I want to understand. And I want to have all of the answers, not to be right but to make sense of the world around me and ease the worries or confusion of the […]


My Grown-Up Lettter to Santa

grown-up letter to Santa

By: Shannon Ralph Dear Santa: Merry Christmas! It’s been a while. I think the last time I wrote to you was when I was 11 years old. That was the year my dad died and the year before I pestered my mother so much about your existence that she finally yelled at me in a […]


Twin Toddlers Respond To Their Mama’s Christmas List

twin trouble

By: Amber Leventry We read Mama’s Christmas list. A lot of her wish list seemed to involve relief from us, her, if not perfect, very charming twin boys. We weren’t born yesterday, Santa. Mama’s suggestions were not suggestions. We’ve had 18 months to learn her suggestions are usually passive aggressive ways of making us think […]