Death and Ladybugs

By: Tanya Ward Goodman Last night, when I opened the door to greet my daughter as she arrived home from school she looked up at me and said, “When our friends and family members die, my heart will break open.” She is five and a half going on thirty.  Part Hello Kitty, part Sarah Bernhardt.  […]

The Truth About Lying

By: Ann Brown The wine was left untouched at parenting group this week. I don’t think that has ever happened. And it isn’t because I bought the $3.95 bottle of Shiraz because, frankly, this group isn’t particularly discriminating. I could put out soy sauce in a decanter and they’d drink it up. No, the reason […]

You Can't Judge A Penis By A Grande On Christmas Morning

By: Ann Brown The line at Starbucks on Christmas morning was long. The talk was lively. And the topic was hysterectomies. At least, that’s what I talked about with the nice lady in front of me. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit, or the bonhomie of a crowded Starbucks on a winter’s day, or the […]

The Holidays, Part 2: My Big Idea

By: Ann Brown Last post, I theorized that Mother Mary got more than the baby Jesus that miraculous Christmas eve; she also probably got her first hemorrhoid. And I think that even the most devout woman who has ever pushed a watermelon through a turtleneck would not be offended by my ramblings. So I feel […]

My One And Only

Tosh and Leo

By: Tosha Woronov We are not having any more kids. We are stopping at one. Leo will be -barring some change of heart, mind, plan – an Only Child. The decision has been made and yet…the discussion won’t stop. Here are the conversations I have been having – -with my husband: me: I am just […]