Interracial Marriage on the Rise

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By: Amy Wise

A report just came out from the PEW Research Center on Interracial Marriage. Much of the media reported on the study. Our family was part of the story in USA Today and the L.A. Times.

After being together for 20 years and married for 19, we don’t think of each other as an interracial couple…we are a couple.

In the end, we are not made up of colors, we are just us.♥ I’m thankful and honored that our family is part of the story bringing about awareness and change. It is imperative to open minds so one day this will no longer need to be a story.

Check out some of the articles about the rise of interracial marriage with our family featured:

USA Today~
Our family picture representing the USA Today article about the PEW report. (2/16/2012)

L.A. Times~
Article in L.A. Times about the PEW report with a brief interview from me. (2/16/2012)

USA Today~
Our family featured in USA Today article about the rise of interracial marriage. (11/8/2011)


Hate Free Zone…

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By: Amy Wise

Those of you that know me, know I’m a VERY positive person. Lately, however I’ve been a little disheartened by all the negative stories directed at specific groups or religions. From the minister and church in Kentucky that refused membership to interracial couples, to Lowe’s Home Improvement pulling their ads from All American Muslim, to parents throwing their gay children out on the streets, to the hateful comments regarding the interracial article our family was featured in, in USA Today. There’s so many more but I think you get the picture. Each one has a running theme…ignorance and hate based on the unknown.

The minister and church denying interracial couples membership? I’m speechless. Did we just go back in time? A church teaching hate? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Or are they just morons? Sorry, I normally don’t say that about people but in this instance I couldn’t resist. I wish the minister and members could spend one week with us so they could see that we are just a family full of love…nothing more, nothing less.

Lowe’s Home Improvement removing ads from All American Muslim because a small Christian group complained? Since when does one religion have a say over the other? C’mon Lowe’s…have you ever seen the show? The entire point is to open minds and erase assumptions. You just threw that out the window in an instant! Are we living in the dark ages or America? Shame on you, Lowe’s.

Parents throwing gay children away like trash? How is this possible? How does a parent stop loving their child because they can’t accept their partner? The heart can’t help who it falls in love with. Love’s funny like that. Trust me, I know.

The hateful comments on USA Today because we are an interracial family? Really? I had to stop reading because the horrible words made my stomach turn. How can someone hate us if they don’t even know us?

Why are we hating instead of loving? Why are we erasing instead of embracing? This is supposed to be the season of peace and love no matter what the religion. How can one hate what they don’t even know? That is called ignorance.

Does it matter if I’m Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Buddhist? Does it matter if I’m black, white, brown, or green? Does it matter if I’m gay, straight, or go both ways? No, it doesn’t. What matters is…if I have a heart, if I’m kind, if I’m giving, and if I’m loving.

The irony in all of this is, religion is supposed to teach love. What is happening here? Why is it okay to love some and hate others? It’s not. I can guarantee that whether someone worships in a church, temple, mosque, or home, there is NO religion that says it’s okay to hate. Only people do. No matter the race, religion, or sexual orientation….open hearts and open minds don’t discriminate.

I’m Christian, I’m straight, and I refuse to hate!


USA Today Comments

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By: Amy Wise

Last week our family had the honor of being featured in USA Today.  I was interviewed for the piece and then a photographer came out and did a photo shoot of our family.  We had such a great time with the photographer; he actually ended up joining us for a little dinner after we were done taking pictures.  The article came out a couple of weeks after the interview and it was such a thrill to have our family be the face of interracial marriage in USA Today.  It truly touched me because so much of my writing is about this very subject.

I have been writing about interracial marriage for years now and the one thing that I have never had to deal with when it comes to writing about our family, whether on my blog or on guest sites, are racist comments.  Even if there has been a difference of opinion, the comments have always been very respectful. When the article came out in USA Today I was saddened to see so many racist and hateful comments in the comment section.  Thankfully there were many more positive comments than negative ones, but it saddened me nonetheless. Because USA Today reaches so many people I should not have been surprised, but I was.  I’m not going to go into specifics about what was said and luckily the paper pulled the really horrible comments, but it still shocks me to see how closed-minded and ignorant people can be when it comes to race in America in 2011.  I actually had to stop reading the comments because they made my stomach turn.  They also made me realize how much work we still need to do when it comes to educating people about race and interracial relationships.

The one thing that I want people who don’t seem to understand or approve of our family to know, is that we are truly no different than any other family out there today.  I don’t wake up in the morning and look at my husband and think, “I’m so in love with my black husband“; he’s just my husband.  I don’t look at my daughter and think, “My biracial daughter is my heart and soul”; she’s just my daughter.  Yes my husband is black, yes I’m white, and yes our daughter is biracial…those are the facts, but the truth of the matter is, we are three people who make up a family filled with love.  It really is that simple.  I didn’t steal a black man from the hood, Jamie didn’t set out to meet a white woman, and we didn’t say let’s have a mixed child.  We married each other because we fell in love and we had a child because we wanted a family.  Color has never had anything to do with our choices when it comes to our relationship and family. Color only comes into play when society continues to make an issue of it.  We are about love and love only.  Isn’t that why anyone gets married and starts a family?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  Tatiana gets the best of both worlds. We embrace my culture and we embrace Jamie’s culture.  She gets double the fun, double the food, double the history, double everything!  Talk about an open mind.  America is all about people who originally came from some place else.  Our country is really just one big melting pot of the world, so trying to be around one race and one race only is quite unrealistic.  I feel sorry for people who aren’t open to other races, cultures, and backgrounds.  They are truly missing out on so many wonderful experiences.  It’s quite sad.

So in the end, to those who had such negative things to say about our family: all I can say is, my heart breaks for the hate that you carry.  I hope that you can one day realize we are just a family that happens to have multiple shades of skin colors and lots and LOTS of LOVE!

Thank you USA Today for such a wonderful experience!