The Ecstasy of Blue Underpants


By: Katherine Ellis My sister missed my niece’s potty training window; at least, that’s what she suspected. They were too busy; they waited past the pinnacle of Lulu’s potty excitement. She was on the downhill slide, totally over the potty, when my sister decided it was time. By then three year-old Lulu didn’t care, she […]

Wedding Bells, Part 2


By: Brandy Black We got in a fight before our wedding. On the ferry ride over. I can’t remember why. Could it have been the make up? Things were tense. We had been planning a wedding for a year from another state and it was all happening on this overcast day after waiting 2 years […]

One Special Mom

The Next Family

By: Caren Gillespie When The Next Family approached me to write an article about a special mother, my first thought was, “how do I choose just one?”  I know some pretty phenomenal moms, but here is one who really stands out. Krista is a full-time working mother of three children: Mercer, (almost) 7, Haley, 4, […]

Tour Truants

By: Jillian Lauren We had a few days off before the Seattle show, so we decided to try to get away from it all and rent a house out on Bainbridge Island. Here is what I learned: 1. Bainbridge Island is quaint and lovely and has a charming indie bookstore. 2. It is wonderful to […]

Olympics- "Don't Ask, Don't Tell

By: Tom Butts It’s interesting, the other day I was watching an expose on Olympic athletes.  They do the typical biography, “from a small town in Nebraska…”  As they bring the athlete to their current status and sport we see their family and children and their home life, that is, unless they’re gay. “Don’t Ask […]

Nice Day For A White Wedding?

By: Tom Butts It’s unfortunate, but airlines aren’t the only thing affected by a big snow storm.  The so called “Snow Storm of the Century” could also delay Congress weighing in on DC’s decision to make gay marriage legal.  How do these two topics even relate you ask?? Well, by law Congress has 30 legislative […]

To Doula or Not To Doula

To Doula By: Heidi Biddle I have been blessed with three babies.  Well, I say “babies”, but they are nearly 17, 14, and 9.  I remember each one of their births like it was yesterday. Without saying I was naive, when it came to the births of my children, I thought I had it all planned out. For my […]

Why Gay People Should Marry


By: Brandy Black I’m reading “Lesbian and Gay Parents and their Children” by Abbie Goldberg and it got me thinking about my passion for gay marriage.  I will occasionally get into this debate with gay friends who don’t understand why it was so important for me to marry Susan. Before we got married (or had […]