As Promised…


By: Jillian Lauren …here is a picture of Scott onstage in his kilt. The new fashion statement came about after he played Bonnaroo and it was about eighteen million degrees in the shade. He was complaining that it was too hot to wear pants but he didn’t like wearing shorts onstage. My suggestion for the […]

Trains, Planes And Grocery Shopping

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By: Jillian Lauren Tariku, Jen (babysitter extraordinaire) and I boarded a plane to NY just as the second half of the World Cup was starting. People were gathered six deep around the TV screens at the airport bars. I enjoy the energy of events that draw people together in odd places, but I’m a terrifically […]

What’s It Like To Be You?


By: Jillian Lauren Scott and I went to see Paul McCartney at The Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday night. Here’s a picture of us with our dear friend Brian Ray, Paul’s shredding guitar player. I’ve seen Paul a few times now, but The Hollywood Bowl always infuses an evening with a little extra starry-night mojo and […]

Cleveland Rocks

By: Jillian Lauren Chronicles of the Weezer Tour 2009 We had a couple of unplanned days off in Cleveland and spent one of them at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Grandma and Grandpa, who drove in from Toledo. It was more interesting than I expected. I wanted to take every fabulous costume […]

Some Girls Book Trailer

By: Jillian Lauren My soul sister Renee Reeser Zelnick designed this beautiful trailer for my memoir. At first she turned me down, but then she was shopping in Target and the gods hit her in the head with this idea, fully formed. She’s a gal who not only lives amongst the Amish, but is also pursuing […]

Tour Day 11: Saratoga Springs

By: Jillian Lauren Chronicles of 2009 Weezer Tour Woke bleary and disoriented on a bus parked in Saratoga Spa State Park. T is teething again and, in spite of my efforts to keep him on rock time, he woke at 7. We took a family walk around the golf course and then had our first […]

Oh, The Glamour

By: Jillian Lauren By: Jillian Lauren Scott returned yesterday from Korea and Japan. Karl Koch, webmaster extraordinaire, sent me this photo of Scott playing the FujiRock Festival. This past week has been a superultramega dose of what it means to be a working rock mom. A week before my big deadline, Scott went out of […]

Rock-a-Bye Baby


By: Jillian Lauren Tariku went to his first Weezer show on Saturday. At first he gave me a hard time about wearing his rock baby ear protection, but he relented after I patiently explained to him that Apple and Moses and all the really cool rock progeny happily wear their headphones. He clapped; he danced; […]