Travel Guilt

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By Jillian Lauren Yeah, I’m gonna talk about that tired old subject: being a working mom… I was in upstate NY last weekend for the Woodstock Writers Festival, which was an absolute delight (Thanks, Martha Frankel! And for the photo, Kevin Buso). Compared to many moms I know, I go out of town on business […]

Maintaining My Identity While Being A Stay At Home Mom

Stay At Home Mom

By: Amber Leventry   I am sitting in the lobby of a ballet studio as my four year old daughter takes her weekly lesson. My partner and I alternate weeks when taking her so we each have a turn at 45 minutes of kid-free time. Forty-five minutes, every other week. When you become a parent, […]

Working Mom Jargon 101

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By: Shannon Ralph As a working mom, I often find myself torn between two very different cultures—the corporate culture and the mommy culture. I am a participant in both, but I don’t really seem to entirely fit in with either. When I am at work, I find myself feeling out of touch with my childless […]

Work Benefits: Adoption is not treated the same as giving birth


By: Stacie Ellis Everyone tells you “having a baby will change your life.” Yes, it does. And it’s hard to adjust to such a tremendous life change. Now, add to that a new job. I knew I’d have to go back to work, as I am a big financial contributor to our family and I […]

A Portrait of the Artist as a Single Mother


By: Sheana Ochoa I happened to be driving around Los Angeles on a Thursday afternoon when my favorite KCRW program, Bookworm, aired.  Host Michael Silverblatt was interviewing Nicole Strauss whose novels The History of Love and especially Man Walks into a Room present a voice I haven’t heard before, one of loss and identity and […]

One Special Mom

The Next Family

By: Caren Gillespie When The Next Family approached me to write an article about a special mother, my first thought was, “how do I choose just one?”  I know some pretty phenomenal moms, but here is one who really stands out. Krista is a full-time working mother of three children: Mercer, (almost) 7, Haley, 4, […]

Me Work And Have Family

By: Amy Forstadt There comes a time when maternity leave ends, the bank account is drained, and it’s time for mom to go back to work. For some women, this is a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking experience that involves tearing themselves away from their babies every morning, crying at their desks, and feeling like something is seriously […]