Habitat for Humanity to Hold Rainbow Build Event in June


Charity seeks partnerships with local corporations and LGBTQ groups  This June, Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C. (DC Habitat) will hold its second Rainbow Build event, in partnership with Capital Pride and the DC Center. The goal of Rainbow Build is to raise awareness for the cause of affordable housing, particularly as it relates to LGBTQ and other […]


In Response To Dolce and Gabbana: All Families Have The Right To BE

Dolce and Gabbana

By Stephanie Warren/ Fertility SOURCE Companies Controversy has erupted over comments made in an interview by openly-gay fashion moguls Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana regarding the “classical” family. At this year’s Milan Fashion Week, the Italian designers revealed a celebration of motherhood featuring visibly pregnant or child-laden models. In the interview, Dolce and Gabbana stated […]


Same-Sex Military Spouses Refused Benefits in Texas


On Friday, March 13, 2015, three same-sex military couples were denied assistance by the federal military identification card enrollment center at Camp Mabry, the headquarters of the Texas Military Forces, near Austin, Texas. All three couples were told by the center’s employee that they would not be provided service because their marriages were not recognized by the state of Texas, […]


Same-Sex Couples in Alabama React To Supreme Court Ruling Overturning Marriage Equality

Alabama same-sex parents

By: Alice Ollstein BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — For a few short weeks, the marriage of Ellen Dossett and Ann Wade was recognized by the state of Alabama. Then, suddenly, they weren’t so sure. A ruling Tuesday night by the state Supreme Court halting same-sex marriages has plunged the couple — who have been together nearly 30 […]


Psychology Today Will No Longer Advertise Ex-Gay Therapy


On Wednesday, March 7, Psychology Today, a magazine and website that offers over 80,000 mental health professional profiles, announced they will no longer advertise therapists that offer conversion therapy as the “gay cure.” The day before, Charles Frank, who runs the organization’s directory of therapists told The Huffington Post that, “We take care not to sit in judgment of others […]


‘The Fosters’: More Than Just The Youngest Same-Sex Kiss On TV

The Fosters - youngest same-sex kiss

By Alexandra Temblador A Pew Research study found that twelve was the median age that many lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons began to feel as if they were something other than heterosexual. Many LGB youth experience their first same-sex attraction at an even earlier than twelve which is why it is so appropriate that “The […]


Refuge Restrooms: An App That Provides Safe Restrooms For All

refuge restrooms

By Alexandra Temblador You just left brunch with your friends and decide to head to the mall. You’re looking for a parking spot when suddenly you feel it. Two beers and a glass of water—you need to find a restroom. Those shoes you need to buy will have to wait because you need a restroom now. […]


A Call for LGBT-Inclusive Sex Education

sex education for LGBT

By Alexandra Temblador Only 22 states plus the District of Colombia requires sex education in schools. Twelve of those states require sex education teachers to discuss sexual orientation. Three of those 12 states require teachers to impart only negative information on sexual orientation to students. Yes, three states in the United States make LGBTQ youth […]


Counting Down to Biological Children for Same-Sex Couples

gay dads biological children

By Alexandra Temblador Back to the Future Part II predicted that in 2015 we would by flying around in cars. This interest in predicting the future has always been an integral part of our literature and entertainment, however, who could have guessed that in 2015 researchers would be claiming that in less than two years […]