As School Begins, Parents & Students Show Ignorance Toward Trans Students

Lila Perry

By Alex Temblador School has just begun and what started out as a good year for some transgender students, quickly turned sour after parents and students at two schools learned that their districts were allowing trans students to use the bathroom that they identify with. The school district of Troy, Ohio, and Hillsboro High School […]

The Quick Fall From Grace of Anti-Gay Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia

By Alex Temblador With social media it is all too easy to excitedly post happy news such as a pregnancy announcement or share photos and videos of your children enjoying their daily lives. This is exactly what Christian vloggers Sam and Nia have done by sharing their lives as parents on YouTube. However, in the […]

The Pope, Disabled Super Heroes, & a Trans Novel Make Children’s Books News


By Alex Temblador Within the last week, there have been some major things going on in the children’s book world, especially children’s books that feature modern families. As you might have guessed, this major news had something to do with the Pope, disabled super heroes, and a transgender children’s book. How, you may ask? Since […]

Trans Students & Educators Now Protected in Kentucky’s Largest District

transgender students

By Alex Temblador With the recent attack from One Million Moms (an anti-gay “family” group) on trans teen, Jazz Jennings, it can sometimes feel as if the world is going backwards: adults attacking children? There is something inherently wrong with that picture. However, we have finally received some positive news on the transgender youth front. […]

Illinois Bans Gay Conversion Therapy On Minors

LGBT youth

By Alex Temblador Three. The number of states that had previously banned gay conversion therapy for minors. Four. The number of states that now ban gay conversion therapy for minors thanks to Illinois. Yesterday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that would prevent “therapists” from “subjecting young persons to counseling that is […]

Health Care Costs for Transgender Military Members Will Be Minimal, Study

military transgender health care costs

By The Seattle Lesbian  A new analysis published Thursday in the prestigious New England Journal ​of Medicine found that the cost of providing transition-related health care for transgender service members will be minimal after the Pentagon lifts its ban. In “Caring for Our Transgender Troops – The Negligible Cost of Transition-Related Care,” Dr. Aaron Belkin, Palm Center director and visiting […]

More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job Market Study


By Richard Fry, Pew Research Center Unemployment is down, full-time work is up and wages have modestly rebounded.But, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, these improvements in the labor market have not led to more Millennials living apart from their families. In fact, the nation’s 18- to 34-year-olds are […]

Madonna Stands Up for LGBT Rights In Russia

Madonna stands for LGBT

By Alex Temblador Russia has been in the news lately when it comes to LGBT rights. First, we learned that the World Cup will be hosted in Russia in 2018 which caused a backlash among many well-known LGBT soccer players like Robbie Rogers. With Russia’s anti-gay laws and intense homophobia, Robbie Rogers has even stated […]

The Art of Coming Out on YouTube

Coming Out on YouTube

By Alex Temblador Coming out. We all know what that phrase means. We don’t wonder if someone is “coming out of the bathroom” or if a debutante is “coming out to society” at a ball. “Coming out” is indicative of revealing one’s gay or bisexual sexual orientation to family, friends, the world, and most importantly, […]

Target Is Removing Gender-Based Signs In Kids’ Sections

Target gender based signs

By Alex Temblador Target has been in the news quite a bit lately. They recently changed their breastfeeding policy to allow women to breastfeed in any part of their store which received an immense amount of gratitude and support from parents. Now, a few days ago, Target released some more great news for parents: they […]