Spanish Lesbian Couple Sues for Denial of Financially-Assisted IVF


By Alex Temblador A Spanish lesbian couple, whose names have not been released, went to Fundación Jiménez Diaz, a hospital, to receive IVF treatments under a financial assistance program that Spain’s Ministry of Health had enacted in 2013. The couple was denied financial assistance on the basis that they didn’t have a male partner, a […]

Lesbian Couple Sues Wisconsin For Accurate Birth Certificate


By The Seattle Lesbian  Friday, Lambda Legal filed a motion for summary judgment in its federal lawsuit seeking an accurate birth certificate for the son of Chelsea and Jessamy Torres, a married lesbian couple, and other similarly situated same-sex couples in Wisconsin. “Every day that Chelsea, Jessamy, and their son are forced to wait for […]

Canada’s Newest Coins Could Feature Gay Families

diverse family coin

By Alex Temblador Right now, Canada is holding a contest to pick a new design for coins in honor of the country’s 150th birthday. The coins would be issued in 2017. What makes this contest so interesting is that it is open to the public and one such individual has submitted a coin design that […]

China Approves First Gay Film For Cinematic Release

China releases first Chinese Film

By The Seattle Lesbian  China has approved its first film with gay principal characters for cinematic release. Seek McCartney focuses on a secret relationship between a Chinese man and a French man. “This is a small step for the film department, and a big step for the members of the film industry,” director Wang Chao announced. Though homosexuality […]

Lesbian Couple Loses Suit against Clinic For Receiving Black Man’s Sperm & Having a Mixed Child

Jennifer cramblett and daugther

By Alex Temblador For same-sex couples, it takes time and effort to create a family. There’s the question of whether to go with adoption, IVF, or surrogacy. Jennifer Cramblett and Amanda Zinkon of Ohio, a white lesbian couple, decided to go with IVF. After Cramblett and Zinkon chose a sperm that reflected a white, blonde-hair, […]

Ellen Learns about Caitlyn Jenner’s Attitude on Same-Sex Marriage

Caitlyn jenner on ellen

By Alex Temblador Caitlyn Jenner recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for her first talk show appearance and things got interesting as they always happen to do on Ellen. There was some talk about dating, about Caitlyn’s transition, and even some tough questions concerning marriage equality that kind of had Ellen wondering if Caitlyn Jenner is […]

Mississippi Same-Sex Couples Ask Court To Order Equal Adoption Rights

Gay Adoption

By The Seattle Lesbian A motion seeking a preliminary injunction was filed Friday by two married couples with children in Campaign for Southern Equality v. Mississippi Department of Human Services, the federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Mississippi’s law banning adoption by same-sex couples. Mississippi is the only state left in the nation that bans gay […]

As School Begins, Parents & Students Show Ignorance Toward Trans Students

Lila Perry

By Alex Temblador School has just begun and what started out as a good year for some transgender students, quickly turned sour after parents and students at two schools learned that their districts were allowing trans students to use the bathroom that they identify with. The school district of Troy, Ohio, and Hillsboro High School […]

The Quick Fall From Grace of Anti-Gay Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia

By Alex Temblador With social media it is all too easy to excitedly post happy news such as a pregnancy announcement or share photos and videos of your children enjoying their daily lives. This is exactly what Christian vloggers Sam and Nia have done by sharing their lives as parents on YouTube. However, in the […]

The Pope, Disabled Super Heroes, & a Trans Novel Make Children’s Books News


By Alex Temblador Within the last week, there have been some major things going on in the children’s book world, especially children’s books that feature modern families. As you might have guessed, this major news had something to do with the Pope, disabled super heroes, and a transgender children’s book. How, you may ask? Since […]