Derrick Gordon: First Openly Gay Athlete to Play Division I Ball

Derrick Gordon

At 7:05 p.m. on November 14, Derrick Gordon became the first openly gay athlete to play a game in Division 1 men’s basketball. The 22-year-old junior, who plays for the University of Massachusetts, came out April 9. He immediately started getting letters of support from Germany, France, Italy, and China, was appearing at GLAAD awards and attended a Tedx […]


Transparent, House Of Lies, The Fosters, Glee Cited in GLAAD TV Report

transgender roles on TV

By Megan Townsend, GLAAD’s Entertainment Media Strategist In the latest installment of its annual Trans Images on TV report released Tuesday, GLAAD finds some improvement over the previous year’s results when it comes to transgender representation on scripted television. This year, GLAAD reviewed 13 new scripted episodes with trans characters that have aired since November 2013. […]


Mom vs. Fox News: Can She Take Down the Big Bully on the Block?


By Lisa J. Keating I’d like to bring to the surface and discuss the real life damage that occurs because of the type of reporting on gender diversity by Fox News and other conservative media outlets. Who really gets hurt? The kids who identify as cisgender boys and girls? No. I believe it is a […]


Two Princes Will Not Be Getting Married In This Disney Story

two princes - disney story

  Amplifying Glass was the source of a rumor that spread so quickly it was shared over 60,000 times. The website wrote an article stating Disney had announced a new animated movie Princes featuring two men who rescue a princess but end up falling in love. Amplifying Glass is a satirical website with the disclaimer: “If you are looking […]


What the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Means For Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

By Alexandra Temblador On Thursday, November 6, 2014, the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld four state’s same-sex marriage bans. This ruling contrasts with four other circuit courts of appeals, the 4th, 7th, 9th, and 10th, who overturned the same-sex marriage bans in their regions. This ruling by the 6th Circuit Court is significant […]


Inconsistent Marriage Laws Cost Businesses $1.3 Billion Annually


Thursday Freedom to Marry and Out & Equal Workplace Advocates released a new report estimating that the remaining patchwork of marriage laws for same-sex couples across the United States costs businesses in the private sector $1.3 billion every year. Over the next five years, the private sector is expected to spend $6.6 billion in order to accommodate […]


“Dear Newly-Elected Representative:” The Positive Perspective of This Week’ Senate Elections


By Alexandra Temblador After this week’s election that gave Republicans, many of whom are opponents of LGBT issues, control of the senate, the LGBT community is a little shaken up. Yes, we can all agree that we would feel a little better if Mark Udall of Colorado and Kay Hagan of North Carolina, supporters of gay […]


Adidas Adds Pharrell Williams to the Fold With New Equality Messaging


Pharrell Williams’s newest campaign for Adidas promotes a track jacket, a sneaker and gender and racial equality. The ad’s tag lines are “Equality is Acceptance,” “Equality is Love” and “Equality is Strength,” with photos, including a group of people standing in an equal sign formation, shot by Ryan McGinley. Williams announced his “long-term partnership” with the company in March. […]


GLAAD Launches Southern Stories Initiative in Atlanta

Atlanta lesbian couple

  GLAAD, the nation’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy organization, Wednesday launched GLAAD Southern Stories, a new program that aims to build support for equality in the American South. The launch was announced at GLAAD Atlanta, a celebration of national and local leaders advancing LGBT equality through the media. The event, which […]


Keira Knightley Kissed Best Girlfriend at Prom, Teacher Disgusted


  Keira Knightley had a great time at her prom. And by that, she means she went dressed in leather pants, brought her best friend who dressed as a boy, kissed for the photo, and were told the picture was “disgusting.” “I went to prom with my best mate, Emily. We both turned up an hour late, […]