Trans Teen Undergoes Surgery to Be A Biological Dad One Day

trans teen graduation photo

By Alex Temblador Meet Cole Carman, an 18-year-old transgender teen, who just underwent a rare surgery and possibly the first of its kind for trans teens: egg retrieval. Last year, Cole decided to transition from female to male through surgery and hormone therapy. But before completing his full transition, Cole was determined to be able […]

Something Good Comes Out of the Sweet Cake Controversy

Rainbow cupcake

By Alex Temblador Most of us are aware of the Sweet Cake controversy but here’s a little recap: same-sex couple Rachel and Laura Bowman-Cryer were denied a wedding cake request by the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Melissa Klein and Aaron Klein. The Kleins refused based on a “religious beliefs” claim, that their religious […]

A Break Down of the LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

Anti LGBT Discrimination Bill

By Alex Temblador If you haven’t heard, yesterday Democrats introduced an anti-discrimination bill that “would create federal standards to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, workplaces, schools, public accommodations, and financial transactions.” With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage, it appears that the LGBT rights movement is on a wave of momentum that may […]

5,000 Naked Kenyans May Protest Obama’s Views on Homosexuality

Obama in Kenya

By Alex Temblador   Obama will be arriving in Kenya, his ancestral home, today as part of a two-nation tour in Africa, with a trip to Ethiopia to follow. However, his arrival may be met with 5,000 naked Kenyans, a protest against Obama’s support of the LGBT community. The Republican Liberty Party is very anti-LGBT […]

Italy’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled a Human Rights Violation


By Alex Temblador Italy is currently the only major country in Western Europe without legal recognition of same-sex couples, however, that might not be the case for long. The European Court of Human Rights ruled in the case of Oliari and Others vs. Italy that Italy’s ban on same-sex marriage was a human rights violation. […]

Meet Kate Brown: 1st Openly Bisexual Governor in the U.S.

Governor Kate Brown at Pride

By Alex Temblador Meet Kate Brown: the governor of Oregon and the first bisexual governor in the United States. Earlier this year, Kate Brown was the Secretary of State, but after the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber amidst a scandal, Brown stepped up, took over as governor, and seems to be perfectly comfortable in her […]

#BringCarmenHome: Gay Dads and Their Surrogacy Battle in Thailand

Gay dads

By Alex Temblador A gay couple, Gordon Lake, an American, and his Spanish husband, Manuel, found a surrogate in Thailand. Using Gordon’s sperm and an egg donor, a Thai woman carried the baby for the couple and finally gave birth to their baby daughter, Carmen, in January. She handed the daughter over to the two […]

This Summer’s LGBT Travel Contests


By Alex Temblador With the marriage equality decision, we are starting to see more companies focusing on LGBT travel. It is estimated that due to the marriage equality decision, LGBT tourism will bring in $4.25 billion over the next three years. One of the best ways that travel companies are focusing on LGBT travel is […]

Interracial & Same-Sex Marriage Equality Photo History

gay dads spotlight campaign

By Alex Temblador History seems to have a way of repeating itself. Almost half a century ago, interracial marriage was legalized. Recently, the fight for same-sex marriage ended with a SCOTUS victory decision. It took two movements separated by almost fifty years for the United States to welcome in a true era of marriage equality. A quick […]