Parenting: Love is A Battlefield

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By Meika Rouda I feel like I have become complacent in an abusive relationship but I can’t leave, I can’t get out. No, really I can’t because it happens to be with my children and mom’s don’t leave their kids. I mean they do but I wouldn’t. I need to change the relationship and not […]


Hey, Expectant Parents! Here’s Some More Unsolicited Advice!


By Halina Newberry Grant Hey, expectant moms! Here’s some more unsolicited advice! When I was expecting my baby (who is now a toddler,) it seemed everywhere I turned I encountered advice on how to get through the first months and year with a baby. Some of it was helpful, but mostly it was just hard […]


Returning to Work Without Weaning


By Wendy Wright- IBCLC Co-Founder and Lactation Consultant of the 16 Minute Club Going back to work doesn’t have to end the beautiful breastfeeding relationship you developed with your new baby. In fact, continuing breastfeeding after returning to work is highly beneficial for both you and the baby. If your baby will be in daycare, then your […]


Nursing The Distracted Baby


By Wendy Wright- IBCLC Co-Founder and Lactation Consultant of the 16 Minute Club By the time a baby is a month old, most breastfeeding moms feel like they are a pro at feeding their sweet babe. Then the inevitable happens. Your baby starts to grow and become more active. You no longer have a darling newborn […]


Adoption: Hope Happens

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By Jillian Lauren     We’re back in Addis now, with its crazy slow-moving traffic, tons of construction, brightly colored corrugated tin shacks, miles of market stalls and crowds of people walking everywhere. I’m sitting under an overhang in an outdoor café, the rain blowing in sideways and soaking the bottom of my skirt as […]