The Challenges This Single Stay-At-Home Dad Faces

Stay at home dad

By Hamid Newberry Is it wrong to say that being a stay-at-home parent is for the mother. There, I said it. I would also like to state that it is incredibly difficult being a stay-at-home dad, even in the more open-minded times that we live in. I don’t live in a hipster city any longer; […]


10 Reasons Why We Love Trans Girl, Avery Jackson, and Family

Avery Jackson

By Alex Temblador Avery Jackson is a seven-year-old transgender girl and she is blowing the internet away with her amazing story of transition. The Next Family is so impressed with Avery Jackson’s spunk and courage and all that her parents have done in support of Avery’s transition that we just have to share with you […]


A Unique Way to Fund Adoption

David and Casey

When Casey and David met in 2008 they discussed wanting kids on their first date.  They instantly connected over their mutual passions for music and travel which also coincided with their careers.  They are finally beginning the adoption process and dream of the day they take their first plane ride with their child and get […]


Three Children’s Albums You Should Be Listening To

Really Rosie- Carole King

By Halina Newberry Grant Music is a constant in our house. The Mr. and I met while both temping for a major record label, and our tastes range from avant guard jazz to the Grateful Dead. I’m a big ol’ softie for the kid’s stuff though. My daughter’s bedtime ritual includes five books and five […]


When Do I Try To Curb My Daughter’s Affections?

children hugging

By Halina Newberry Grant The boy is her height, but chubby. He has muddy blond hair, a yellow t-shirt with a green dinosaur, denim shorts and dirty feet from running through the sand. He’s watching some older kids tumble down the slide, all shoes and screams and angled joints. She sees him from across the […]


Shadow Puppets: When The Stuffed Animals Get More Time-Outs Than The Kid


By Jillian Lauren I’m having a challenging time balancing my upcoming book release with my mommy-ing… Add homeschooling Tariku’s stuffed animals, and my schedule is way overbooked. Here’s a picture of Tigey and Willie doing their math homework. Tariku is very serious about their education. He wrote out a whole schedule for me (Monday: Library, […]


Must-See Mixed Family YouTube Channels


By Alexandra Temblador In 2013 Cheerios aired a new commercial that features one of the most modern day types of families in the United States, an interracial family made up of a black father, a white mother, and a biracial daughter. Since then, they’ve released another commercial with the same family called “Gracie.” Unfortunately, the original commercial that […]