Parenting In a World Full of Gender & Racial Stereotypes

Allies Basketball Dream

By Alex Temblador   In June 2015, two third graders, Dexter and Sybilla, wrote an amazing letter to Disney outlining their disappointment with the company’s use of gender and racial stereotypes found in Disney’s theme parks. What makes this even more amazing: the kids recognized the gender and racial stereotypes on their own! Granted, they […]

The Time It Takes To Make a Family

the many paths to parenthood

By Alex Temblador Unlike the story of the stork that arrives with a baby seemingly upon demand, for most parents, it takes a significant amount of time to create a family. For many women, it takes time to get pregnant due to a variety of reasons such as infertility, miscarriages, endometriosis, ovulatory disorders, weight, age, […]

Mom Starts #BreatheFire Parenting Movement with Anna Duggar Facebook Post

breathe fire meme

By Alex Temblador Jessica Kirkland is not a name you might recognize. She’s a mother of two daughters from Georgia, but more importantly in a Facebook post she wrote about Anna Duggar, she inadvertently started a parenting movement in regards to raising daughters with the rally cry, #BreatheFire. For those who may not know, Josh […]

Dad Says Yah! To Son’s Freedom of Expression


By Alex Temblador A dad’s Facebook video has been shared over 188,000 times and you’ll never guess why. Mikki Willis recently took his son to the store to exchange a birthday present he received (he got two of the same thing). When allowing his son to choose a toy that he didn’t have, his son […]

Surrogacy Around the World

surrogacy around the world

By Alex Temblador   Imagine that you and your spouse want to have a baby, however, you are unable to conceive due to a number of reasons. Your friend knows how much you would love a baby and offers to help you and your spouse out: she will carry your child for you. It’s an […]

Foster Adoption: Making Space


By Jillian Lauren For those of you who don’t know, we’re in the process of getting certified by Los Angeles County to adopt a child through the foster care system. That’s a picture of our CPR/first aid training (if you’re looking to do it, we highly recommend Ron Calloway). Whenever I post about some new […]

Kids Talk About the Word “Gay” & How It’s Used in School

Kids talk about the word gay

By Alex Temblador It’s that time of year—back-to-school time! This week or soon, your children will see friends that they haven’t seen all summer, meet a new teacher, and start learning new subjects like how to read, multiplication, or their state’s history. Beyond learning educational subjects, children learn other things at school through socializing with […]

Video Shows Straight Couples Standing Up for Gay Adoptive Parents

couples stand up for gay parents

By Alex Temblador For gay couples, it is sometimes difficult to create a family through adoption. For one, there are still laws like in Mississippi that prevents gay couples from adopting. For two, there are many people in the world that disagree with gay couples adopting and they use their ignorance and hate to harass […]

Single Mother By Choice: You Make Plans and God Laughs!


By: Monique I had a plan for my life. I left high school with a scholarship to work on being the first generation college educated in my family. All that weight on my shoulders to succeed. I knew I would meet my husband in college and get married after graduation and have a few kids. […]

How We Family: Blended Family of Eight

Blended Family #HowWeFamily

By Stacey Daprile/Positively Stacey After a fun-filled day at the county fair visiting farm animals, riding the mechanical bull and wandering exhibit halls, our family of eight is headed home.  But not until we stop for one more delicacy to share: a paper cone filled with powdered sugar-laden mini donuts. After all, fairs are meant […]