The Boy Who Lived: The Story of a Son Who Came Later in Life


Douglas Mine, a former foreign correspondent, shares this memoir about meeting his Italian wife, starting a life together, and the honest emotions that accompany finding out, at age fifty-five, that you’re going to be a father again. — This memoir originally appeared on The Big Roundtable, a digital publishing platform that aims to connect passionate […]


5 Snack Ideas for Picky Eaters

kids food

By Meika Rouda I am a total hypocrite. At least when it comes to feeding my son. My six year old son has always been a complicated eater. Well not always, as a toddler he devoured hummus and avocados and bison burgers. I remember feeling a cocky stripe of pride in his adventurous eating and […]


Parenting: Summer End


by Tanya Ward Goodman It’s the end of the first week of school. For my daughter anyway. My son, as he’s only too happy to tell you, has got another two weeks of glorious summer freedom. He’s going into seventh grade, which means that a much procrastinated reading and writing project will be chewing holes […]


On Adoption: Then and Now


By Jillian Lauren       We spent a remarkable weekend with T’s “first friends.” Unprompted by me, he calls them his brothers and sisters. The first picture is of the kids when they were still living in a care center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The second one is of the same kids now (in […]


3 Ways Parents Make The World Horrible For Other Parents (And How To Stop)

distracted parenting

By Halina Newberry-Grant Being a parent is hard work.Seriously. I expected to be constantly tired when I started having kids, but I was not prepared to be in a constant state of doubt and worry, battling my own imagination, trying to keep thoughts of the worst thing that can possibly happen at any given moment […]


Raising A Gay Kid In A Misogynistic Culture


By Lisa Keating I’ve always been aware of misogynistic tendencies our culture has, especially growing up in the 1970′s and 1980′s. Larry, a character from the 80’s TV show Three’s Company, is a prime example of “that” guy; the one who is overly machismo and marks every corner he walks by. Misogyny becomes blatantly obvious […]


Mormon Mom’s Unconditional Love For Her Transgender Son


By JJ Vincent Grayson Moore knew that he wasn’t like other kids, but after his mother learned what “transgender” is, she told him, and he realized that his mother had the words what he had always known. He transitioned in high school, and was lucky to have the support of his family and school. Now, […]