WATCH: Interview With Transgender Student Stella Keating

Interview with 10 year old transgender kid

By Brandy Black This is part one of a series of interviews that I will be doing with the adorable 10-year-old Stella Keating who just recently came out as transgender.  She opens up about how she told her parents, how life has changed since she said goodbye to Morgan and became Stella and what she […]


On The Road Again (With Kids)

Tanya Ward Goodman

by Tanya Ward Goodman According to my daughter, most things are “creepy” or “awkward.” She decided our road trip to New Mexico had the potential to be both. It would be creepy because we would sleep in the mountains where I grew up and it would be awkward because… well, because everything is awkward. (I […]


Mother & Author: Coming Home

Jillian Lauren

By Jillian Lauren I’m back, friends! I got home from my wonderful (if exhausting) book tour during Tariku’s last week of school and crashed full force into the daily minutia of life. The every day-ness of waking stupid early, making breakfast, facing piles of laundry and cleaning dog throw-up was both an enormous relief and […]


Museum of Modern Art Acquires The Rainbow Flag

Museum of Modern Art

By The Seattle Lesbian The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has acquired the Rainbow Flag into its design collection just in time for its 37th anniversary. On June 25, 1978, artist Gilbert Baker created the flag in San Francisco. He wanted to create a universally understood symbol. “[The Rainbow Flag] doesn’t say the word ‘Gay,’ and it doesn’t say […]


A Gay Dad Asks, Is One Child Not Enough?

An Only Child

By Henry Amador Our adopting via foster care story continues here in North Carolina. As some of you know, we are licensed to take in two children and have previously expressed our willingness to adopt a sibling group. My husband wants a house full and our son will gladly say that he wants a brother […]


8 Awesome YouTube Channel Dads

Convos with my 2 year old

By Alex Temblador Even though it may seem like moms dominate the vlog world, don’t worry dads, there are a lot of YouTube channels that feature awesome fathers sharing their life, their stories, and their families with the world. Check out these eight awesome YouTube channels that feature fathers and then spread the word so […]


Picky Eaters: Pick A Little, Talk A Lot, Pick A Little

Picky eaters

By Ann Brown/ Parenting consultant Picky eaters. I was reluctant to write on this subject, as I have no experiential reference for it.  I don’t think I have even ever said those two words together. I come from a “happy to eat it” people; maybe it was those forty years wandering the desert that took […]


How Do You Get Your Kid To Practice Playing Their Instrument?


By Jillian Lauren Tariku loves music. He’s a terrific drummer and an even better dancer. But lately his music lessons have been becoming more and more of a pain, with whining and wheedling and foot-dragging and falling off the piano bench onto the floor once every 30 seconds. Even with Scott’s monk-like patience, it’s enough […]