Hate Free Zone…

hate free zone

By: Amy Wise Those of you that know me, know I’m a VERY positive person. Lately, however I’ve been a little disheartened by all the negative stories directed at specific groups or religions. From the minister and church in Kentucky that refused membership to interracial couples, to Lowe’s Home Improvement pulling their ads from All […]

Comedy in a Casserole


By: Amy Wise Flashback to Thanksgiving 1993…Jamie and I had been husband and wife for just a few months and we were going to our first “married Thanksgiving” at his sister’s house. His sister asked me to bring a dish to share with everyone and I was so excited to be contributing to the Thanksgiving dinner. I […]

USA Today Comments

usa today pic

By: Amy Wise Last week our family had the honor of being featured in USA Today.  I was interviewed for the piece and then a photographer came out and did a photo shoot of our family.  We had such a great time with the photographer; he actually ended up joining us for a little dinner […]

Shame on You


By: Amy Wise Life, it’s pretty much a rollercoaster ride for all of us at some point.  My particular roller-coaster needs to be named, and I think I will call it infinity, because truly, it never seems to end.  As you all know we are STILL dealing with the lawsuit against the Otay Water Department, […]



By: Amy Wise It’s all about college tours at the Wise house right now.  We just returned from San Francisco State University, which is Tatiana’s first choice for college.  She chose SFSU for many reasons, the first being their dance program which is her major, the second because she loves the city, and the third […]

Am I Being Punk’d!?


By: Amy Wise “Hello, this is the Oprah Winfrey network calling.”  Yes, that was the message that was playing on my answering machine last week as I walked toward my phone in disbelief.  The caller went on to say that he was looking to speak with Amy Wise about an article she wrote about tough […]

Build Your Life!

us 2

By: Amy Wise Lately I’ve seen question after question on various interracial websites about what couples should do when family members don’t accept their interracial relationship. My answer to this is: don’t be afraid to build a life together because you’re worried about what other people think of your relationship. Jamie and I never would […]