Parenting Young Children: A New Four-Letter Word

swear jar

By Wendy Rhein     In my household there are very few “bad” words. The normal ones that some folks and the FCC would include don’t even make my list. Most of those are collectively known as “Mom’s driving words” and are relegated to the car. I however take my list from the ones my […]


Ten Things I Never Thought I’d Say

what did i say

By Wendy Rhein   Sometimes I catch myself with my mouth hanging open. I remind myself to close my jaw, take a breath. I seem to think that if I get quiet then the shocking, absurd, or insane thing I’ve just said will evaporate in a comic book quote bubble and we can all, especially […]


A Perfect “Match”….

Yolanda and Me

By: Amy Wise After over 20 years of being together I take it for granted that we are…well…just us. I tend to forget that society sees us with different eyes than we do. Lately I have been reminded of this on numerous occasions. The first time was at a car show a few months back. […]


Does My Son Want to Contact His Biological Father?


By: Wendy Rhein A reader recently asked me for an update on Nate’s desire to write a letter to his biological father. First of all I was thrilled that anyone was paying attention, let alone remembered the entry! Second of all I wish I had more news. I contacted Nate’s father via email, the only […]


My All is Not Your All: Comments on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

the atlantic

By: Wendy Rhein Like many people, I’ve been caught up in the polarizing dialogue around the recent Atlantic Monthly article by Anne-Marie Slaughter called “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Yep. You’re bristling already aren’t you. The Women’s Studies feminist activist of my youth was prepared to tear apart her every argument, but the […]