Does My Son Want to Contact His Biological Father?


By: Wendy Rhein A reader recently asked me for an update on Nate’s desire to write a letter to his biological father. First of all I was thrilled that anyone was paying attention, let alone remembered the entry! Second of all I wish I had more news. I contacted Nate’s father via email, the only […]

My All is Not Your All: Comments on “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

the atlantic

By: Wendy Rhein Like many people, I’ve been caught up in the polarizing dialogue around the recent Atlantic Monthly article by Anne-Marie Slaughter called “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Yep. You’re bristling already aren’t you. The Women’s Studies feminist activist of my youth was prepared to tear apart her every argument, but the […]

Snap King? Skip Fling?

By: Wendy Rhein I think that foreign language instruction should be mandatory. I think that every one of us should be at least bi if not tri lingual. Languages have been known to expand your primary language vocabulary, enhance your connection to music and math. Not to mention the cultural implications and travel possibilities. I […]

The Opening Door


By: Wendy Rhein This passed weekend we celebrated Nate’s birthday with three of his buddies. In typical Nate fashion he wanted an event unlike any other. That dream was translated into an afternoon picnic and romp at an old battlefield fort, now a national landmark. Each of the four seven-year-old boys had his own compass, […]

Brother From Another Mother


By: Wendy Rhein “Who is THAT?” “This is Nathan’s brother, Sam.” “He isn’t Nathan’s real brother!  He doesn’t look anything like you.” And so started my Friday evening.  Actually, let me back up.  My evening started when I dashed out of work for daycare pick up.  I walked into the happy and bright room and […]