Alone With You in the Supply Closet


By: Brandy Black “Shit, why did I wear a dress today?” I said to one of my colleagues right before I asked her to step out of our meeting into the hallway and unzip me.  I raced to the bathroom with a sweater wrapped around my bare back, stepped out of my dress and hung […]


More Will Be Revealed

operating instructions

By: Holly Vanderhaar Many moms—especially single moms—in my circle will list Anne Lamott among their favorite parenting authors. Not because she gives parenting advice, per se, but her memoir Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year has saved many a new mom’s sanity. She gave me the courage to become a writer myself, […]


My Christmas Story

Brandy Black and family

By: Brandy Black The babies were scheduled to arrive on December 21st based on the doctor’s orders. This would have been past full term for twins. I wanted them to pick their birthday. On December 6th I had contractions that started at 8 minutes apart and went down to 3 minutes for a good 2-3 […]


The New Normal


By: Holly Vanderhaar “Why are we here, again?” This is the question I found myself answering —over and over again— when my daughters and I attended the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Single Mothers by Choice. I had of course told them that the celebration was the main reason for our trip to New York —their […]