Interracial Donor Children

single mother by choice

By Monique Explaining the minority experience is not easy when you aren’t a minority. I am a minority. My experience is directly attributed to the racial climate I grew up with, my family and education. How do I explain to my child why their donor is white? The age old saying is, “if you have […]

Single Mother By Choice: You Make Plans and God Laughs!


By: Monique I had a plan for my life. I left high school with a scholarship to work on being the first generation college educated in my family. All that weight on my shoulders to succeed. I knew I would meet my husband in college and get married after graduation and have a few kids. […]

Just The Two Of Us Updating The Family Tradition #Howwefamily

Single moms and adoption

By Linda Grant Conceptually, I knew what I was getting into when I made the decision to adopt a child on my own without family nearby for support. But not until I was in the throes of the day-to-day care of an infant, did I realize how hard single motherhood really is. There is no […]

The Challenges This Single Stay-At-Home Dad Faces

Stay at home dad

By Hamid Newberry Is it wrong to say that being a stay-at-home parent is for the mother. There, I said it. I would also like to state that it is incredibly difficult being a stay-at-home dad, even in the more open-minded times that we live in. I don’t live in a hipster city any longer; […]

Single Dad ISO Puke Bucket

single dad

By Hamid Newberry The boys woke at their mom’s house Easter morning, and after diving into their Easter baskets full of toys and candy, I picked them up at noon. This was my first holiday experience since my wife and I separated, so I got to feel the strangeness that comes with two separate celebrations […]

Parenting: Optical Illusion?


By Melissa Mensavage   Last week I attended a webinar offered by the boys school corporate marketing department.  This company is no different than any other major corporation, has a corporate headquarters, department heads, etc.  However, they are expanding their community outreach programs and making themselves more reachable to the parent community.   They are still […]

Walk the Line


By Melissa Mensavage For the last few months I’ve felt stretched very thin.  No solid focus on any one thing.  No completion of a task fully. I hate unfinished projects or tasks.  I mean literally, I’ll wash half of the dishes.  Or get one of three loads of laundry done. Is this motherhood in general? […]

Dealing with Post-Partum Depression: “These are NOT the Baby Blues”


  At the end of this month I will have what I hope to be my final appointment with my doctor for my post-partum depression diagnosis I had received after I gave birth to my youngest son, Theo.  Eighteen months of periodic check-ups with my primary care physician, bi-weekly therapy appointments and countless mornings where […]