Parenting: Optical Illusion?


By Melissa Mensavage   Last week I attended a webinar offered by the boys school corporate marketing department.  This company is no different than any other major corporation, has a corporate headquarters, department heads, etc.  However, they are expanding their community outreach programs and making themselves more reachable to the parent community.   They are still […]


Walk the Line


By Melissa Mensavage For the last few months I’ve felt stretched very thin.  No solid focus on any one thing.  No completion of a task fully. I hate unfinished projects or tasks.  I mean literally, I’ll wash half of the dishes.  Or get one of three loads of laundry done. Is this motherhood in general? […]


Dealing with Post-Partum Depression: “These are NOT the Baby Blues”


  At the end of this month I will have what I hope to be my final appointment with my doctor for my post-partum depression diagnosis I had received after I gave birth to my youngest son, Theo.  Eighteen months of periodic check-ups with my primary care physician, bi-weekly therapy appointments and countless mornings where […]


Mom Flying Solo


By: Evie Peck The other day we went to gym class. I LOVE our gym class and more importantly, so does Spenser. During some structured (yet unstructured) play with blocks, a more aggressive boy kicked Spenser after S knocked down his tower. Spenser’s favorite thing to do… knock down stuff. ANY stuff! I’d told him not to […]


What Do You Want To Do When You Grow Up?

boys backyard

By: Melissa Mensavage Is this career burn-out, just plain ol’fashioned boredom or a midlife crisis? I sit here at my desk in an office cubicle that has beige walls.  I hear the pounding of keyboards all around me.  People are huddled by the coffee machine, moreso now that the company has decided to offer free […]