ABCDEFG- Academics and Developmental Learning

Kids Mat

By: Julie Gamberg I love reading, and books, and language. I like academia and I’m a bit of a (non-technical) geek. Which means, research shows, that it is very important that I do not push my child in any of those directions, and instead allow her to slowly, developmentally, find her way to her own […]

This is Not a Male Bash: Male Role Models, Female Parenting and Social Inequality


By: Julie Gamberg I have a confession to make. (And believe me, no one is more tired of Mommy Confessions than I am. Mommy Confessions tend to give the illusion of opening the door to honest communication about the real challenges of parenting, but instead they wind up being a false apologia for bad parental […]

Modern Parenting: Please Pass the Olives

child holding mom's hand- setting limits compassionately

By: Julie Gamberg I’ve had a fruit fly infestation in my apartment since last summer, when a forgotten bag of potatoes at the back of the pantry rotted. I’ve been at war with them ever since. I scour the web, searching for new ways I might get rid of them and thus finally win. I […]

Parenting: Setting Limits Compassionately

daughter holding hands with parents- modern family

By: Julie Gamberg Dear Mr. Newman, We have many areas of disagreement, yet also some important areas of agreement: You and I agree on a central point of this discussion: Children need clear limits and parents who will enforce those limits for the physical and emotional health and safety of their children (and sometimes simply […]

Parenting: Being Mean to Kids


By: Julie Gamberg I spent years teaching in very tough inner-city schools, and I prided myself on my great teaching, especially my strong classroom management skills. I could take a group of kids who perhaps hadn’t had breakfast, or even dinner the night before, who had somewhat or very unstable home lives, who may have […]

Time-Outs Are the New Spanking

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By: Julie Gamberg I was dismayed to see not one, but two articles on The Next Family lauding time-outs. Joe Newman’s piece “The Modern Time-Out,” while well-intentioned, is suggesting the reader resort to a form of punishment which is damaging to a child’s sense of self, to the parent-child relationship, and, ultimately, to the very […]

Do It–Have Kids!

we can do it

By: Julie Gamberg Since writing the last blog/column for The Next Family, my baby had her first birthday and is now officially a toddler. Getting through the first year is a huge relief – as a friend recently said: the first year is all about survival – yours and theirs. It’s no small feat, so […]

Ah, Language!

Infant Playing

By: Julie Gamberg I am not a nonverbal person. I love words and language. I’m a writer! So this first year of mommydom, this year of nonverbal communication, has been tough. I hear folks say that once little ones start talking they never stop, so I should enjoy the wordlessness while I can. But I […]